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Sustainable Natural Cleaning with Norwex

Are you looking for a more natural and sustainable way to clean your home? Below is a wealth of information about the best sustainable and natural cleaning products around!

Just add water to Norwex® Microfiber to remove up to 99% of bacteria throughout your home.

Why Norwex?

I have three little boys, a husband, and a cat. I love being able to clean my home and have my kids help without worrying that they’re being exposed to toxic chemicals. My boys even like to help me dust and mop!

Cleaning with Norwex products is such a breeze compared to how I used to clean. See the short videos below to learn more about Norwex and feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

The Norwex Global Mission

The Norwex Global Mission is to improve the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes. We offer sustainable products that most of which are made with recycled materials!

Watch the videos to learn more:

Why Norwex?
Norwex Purpose

My Favorite Norwex Products

In addition to the products above, here are some of MY favorites that I use daily in my home! Honestly, I started out with having just the basic set of an Envirocloth and a Window Cloth but since becoming a consultant, I’ve bought most of the catalog. Lol I clean my home so much more quickly and without icky chemicals which is awesome! Here are some blog posts I’ve written about some of my favorite products!

Click on the images to visit the posts.

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