About Nicole Prom, Ed.S., empowering moms and embracing the twin parenting journey

About Nicole Prom: Empowering Moms and Embracing the Twin Parenting Journey

Nicole Prom, Ed.S., the founder of The Way it Really Is twin mom blog, is a dedicated blogger who is passionate about empowering twin moms navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood while finding time for themselves. With her genuine and relatable approach, Nicole shares her own experiences, offering valuable insights, practical tips, and heartfelt encouragement to her readers.

As a mom of MoDi identical twins and an older son, Nicole understands the unique journey of raising multiples and the demands it can place on parents. Her background as a school psychologist, with a Master’s Degree and Education Specialist Degree, provides her with a deep understanding of child development and mental health, allowing her to offer valuable guidance to parents facing similar challenges.

Founding The Way it Really Is

Nicole founded The Way it Really Is twin mom blog in 2021 and within a year she had written 100 blog posts, showcasing her dedication to providing valuable content. In 2022, The Way it Really Is officially became an LLC, marking a significant milestone in Nicole’s entrepreneurial journey.

Since then, Nicole has been tirelessly working on expanding her reach and impact, sharing her expertise in twin parenting, mental health, budgeting, gluten-free living, food allergies, natural cleaning, and product recommendations.

With her love for learning and research, Nicole stays up to date with the latest information and trends in her niche. She uses this knowledge to create informative and engaging blog content and printables that help moms take control of their lives and entertain their children simultaneously.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Nicole enjoys indulging in her hobbies, such as reading, writing, acrylic painting, and creating with her Cricut. However, her greatest joy comes from helping others through her blog and printables, making a positive difference in the lives of moms and parents.

Nicole’s Expertise

Nicole’s credibility as a twin mom and parenting expert, combined with her professional background as a school psychologist, positions her as a trusted source for media outlets seeking insights on twin parenting, mental health, and other related topics. Her dedication to providing practical advice and her relatable storytelling style make her an engaging guest for podcasts, interviews, and panel discussions.

Currently, Nicole is focused on expanding her reach to support more moms and parents, helping them find balance, overcome challenges, and create meaningful connections with their children. She is determined to be the change she wants to see in the world by empowering parents to embrace their unique journeys and thrive in their roles.

For journalists, bloggers, and podcast hosts looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable voice in the realm of twin parenting and self-care for moms, Nicole Prom is the go-to expert who can provide valuable insights and relatable stories that resonate with their audience.

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About Nicole Prom

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As a mom of identical twins and a son two years older, I have gained invaluable experience in the realm, and chaos, of parenting. With a Master's Degree and Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology, I spent years as a school psychologist, helping children navigate through their educational and emotional challenges. Now as a stay at home mom and professional blogger, I combine my areas of expertise to help you in your parenting journey.

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