Best natural cleaning products for cleaning the kitchen

The Best Natural Products for Cleaning the Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is an every day, multiple times a day, task for me being a stay-at-home homeschooling mama with three little boys! Here are the products that help me keep my kitchen clean and don’t require much time or effort.

Microfiber Kitchen Towels

As my husband can attest to, we’ve gone through several sets of kitchen towels since we got married over 10 years ago. I don’t know what it is but they kept getting scratchy and hard and gross, so I’d get new ones. The only thing is that the new ones were always made of the same stuff the old things were so the issue just kept repeating.

Finally, I bought the Norwex Kitchen Towels and I absolutely LOVE them! They are absorbent yet woven in such a way that they dry much faster than traditional towels.

They also contain BacLock which inhibits the growth of bacteria within the towel. This means it won’t get stinky and crunchy from ickiness over the time you’re using it between washings! I typically change out my hand towel in the kitchen and kitchen cloth once a week or so.

With any Norwex Microfiber cloth, it’s important to launder them with non-linty items (no fluffy traditional towels) and not to use any liquid fabric softener or fabric softener sheets.

The images below show the various colors and textures Norwex kitchen towels and cloths come in. I have the purple diamond pattern on the right, the grey one on the top, and the the teal set three down from the top. I also have a couple that were special edition with a red trim on one set and blue trim on the other. I love switching out the colors based on the season or my wants that week!

Norwex kitchen towels great for cleaning the kitchen
Diamond weave kitchen towels

Favorites for Washing Dishes

I had the same problem, but worse, when it came to finding something I liked to wash dishes. I used to use sponges but once I found out how much they harbor bacteria, I just couldn’t anymore. Then I switched to traditional cotton washcloths but much like the cotton towels I used to use, they got all gross before long. I also always felt like I was just moving grossness around when I’d wipe things down, instead of actually picking up the crumbs or spilled liquid, etc.

At the same time I bought the Norwex Kitchen Towels, I also got the Kitchen Cloths, which I am in love with. They are woven in such a way that they are scrubby yet not scratchy on my dishes. They work wonders on stuck-on foods and are soft enough to work on non-stick surfaces. They also dry quickly when I have the cloth draped over my kitchen faucet. Best of all, they also contain BacLock like the kitchen towels which means they inhibit the growth of bacteria within them.

I love the EnviroSponges They are great for washing the dishes, wiping down counters after cooking, wiping the table and high chairs down after meals, and more! One side is scrubby whereas the other is like the texture of an EnviroCloth which will whisk away the mess.

When it comes to stubborn food stuck on glass casserole dishes or stainless steel cookware, a Spirinett is my favorite to use. In no time, the stuck on food is gone and I can move on with my day.

Kitchen Cloths in various colors are great for cleaning the kitchen and cleaning the dishes.
Kitchen Cloth Color Variations
Norwex EnviroSponges are great for cleaning the kitchen
EnviroSponges with BacLock®
Norwex Spirinett
Spirinetts for Stuck On Food

Wiping Little Faces & Replacing Paper Towels

We use Norwex Counter Cloths to wipe our little boys’ faces after they’re done eating. We have been doing this since our twins were about a year old and our oldest was 3. Each kid has their own colored cloth so they can have it by their side and even more so, because one of our kids has food allergies so we need to keep things separate.

As you can see below, here they all are holding up their counter cloths while eating in their high chairs.

We use counter cloths as napkins and they work amazingly well. The bumpy texture is great for getting stuck on food or large amounts of food off little faces (and big faces too, I also use them, just don’t eat as messily as my kids). They are so awesomely absorbent and grip all the crumbs so well.

Since we started using Counter Cloths we rarely use paper towels anymore. It’s amazing how much more absorbent they are than paper towels of the same size. We use them for almost everything.

Counter cloths come in sets of three in various colors. They also have an awesome counter cloth house that I have two of because I love them so much! You can even use the top of the house to dry a counter cloth. The house comes with two packs of counter cloths = 6 total counter cloths.

counter cloths for each of my 3 boys in their favorite colors
counter cloths in blues

Larger Counter Cloths

Much to my excitement, Norwex has come out with Large Counter Cloths as well! These are great for bigger messes, soaking up spilled water or coffee (I know from experience…over and over with my little boys), and cleaning up crumbs!

I already have a set in the kitchen and they’re the first thing I grab when there is a spill, crumbs on the floor, anything! I actually just bought a second set for upstairs as I write this!

large counter cloths

Wiping Stainless Steel Appliances

If you have Stainless Steel appliances like me, you know how easily they get messy, especially with little kids around!! I used to use our all purpose Envirocloth wet with water to clean then follow that up with our dry Window Cloth, which worked fine, but then I found a better solution.

The Norwex Stainless Steel Cloth is made specifically for Stainless Steel Appliances! It’s dual sided and the unique weave gets large and small Stainless Steel appliances looking like new without any harmful chemicals or streaks.

I have ours hanging on our freezer drawer so I can quickly clean things up at any time! Often I will use it dry to clean smudges though other times I will get one of the corners of the cloth wet, wipe the appliance with the wet corner and then dry it with the rest of the cloth.

I’ve been using the Stainless Steel Cloth for months and I’m still amazed at how well it works. We have our hand towel hanging on our dishwasher handle which is convenient but also means there are constantly drips of water on our Stainless Steel dishwasher! It’s amazing how I can easily make them disappear with this cloth. Below are images showing what I’m talking about and how well the cloth plus water works!

I use my Stainless Steel Cloth on my dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezer, oven/stove, spice rack, toaster, all the kitchen things!! The cloth doesn’t leave any residue or streaks and won’t scratch your appliances.

Note: If you have been using some of the toxic cleaners on the market, it may take a while to clean those built up chemicals off of your

Stainless Steel Cloth

More Norwex Kitchen Products

There are so many more amazing Norwex Products for the kitchen, feel free to check them out below. I didn’t want to overwhelm you so I just started with my favorite cloths.

They also have amazing dish soap, dishwasher detergent, and degreasers that are free of toxins yet tough on grime. They also have a newer product that is a soap dispensing kitchen scrub brush with BacLock built in!! This means that you can feel comfortable using it over and over again because bacteria cannot grow within it, unlike other versions you can buy at the store. To reduce plastic waste, if you do end up wanting to replace the brush head, you can buy just the brush head replacement for half the cost and material of the original brush!

norwex dishwashing liquid
Dishwashing Liquid
norwex ultrazyme dishwasher powder
Dishwasher Powder
Norwex soap dispensing kitchen scrub brush
Soap Dispensing Kitchen Scrub Brush

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