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  • An Interesting Walmart vs Aldi a Grocery Price Comparison on over 30 Items
    Have you ever wondered, is Walmart cheaper than Aldi? Walmart and Aldi are known for being more inexpensive than most and I wanted to see how they’d stack up against each other in terms of grocery prices. See below for what I’ve found in regard to Walmart vs Aldi.
  • Grocery Price Comparison Aldi vs Target to Save You Money
    Are you curious how Aldi and Target prices stack up against each other? I was too so I did a grocery price comparison of many of my weekly items to find out. The results may be surprising.
  • Target vs Walmart Grocery Price Comparison on over 30 Common Groceries
    When it comes to groceries, we’re all seeing the prices go up which has made me wonder, Target vs Walmart, which one is cheaper? I compared them and the results are very interesting!
  • Types of Twins, Each With Varying Levels of Pregnancy Risk
    Did you know there are more types of twins than just identical or fraternal? I didn’t realize that until I was pregnant with twins and started doing my research, and I’m glad I did since my twins were at higher risk and I needed to be seen more often but my OB didn’t know that.
  • A Comprehensive Guide of What to Buy for Twins
    Wondering what to buy for twins? Are you pregnant with twins or buying for someone who is? You’ll want to see the posts below regarding what we actually used two of for our twins and what we found we only needed one of, or didn’t need at all!
  • The Sleepeasy Solution Book Review to Help Your Twins Sleep
    Are you longing for a good night’s sleep but not sure where to start? We were in that situation with our twins and this book helped immensely!! From sample schedules, sleep charts, checking in, and step-by-step directions on how to make a plan, the Sleepeasy Solution book helped us get our twins to finally sleep!
  • Twin Bath Essentials for Happy, Safe, and Clean Babies
    Wondering what you need to keep your twins safe and entertained during a bath? Here are some the twin bath essentials we found very helpful for our three boys throughout the years.
  • How to Plan a Road Trip with Twins
    Are you planning a road trip with twins? Here are our top tips for planning your road trip from setting expectations, planning for breaks, meals on the go, activities, and more!
  • How to Have a Sober St. Patrick’s Day You’ll Enjoy and Remember
    Are you sober and are wondering how to have a sober St. Patrick’s Day? Here are some tips on how I’ve stayed sober over the years, some fun sober St. Patty’s activities you can do, craft ideas for the kids, and the actual history of St. Patrick and his day.

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