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Gift Ideas for Kids and Adults

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone special in your life? Here is an array of gift ideas on Amazon for babies, toddlers, men, and women. The great thing about gift ideas on Amazon is you can easily add them to an Amazon Wishlist and share your ideas with others!

This can also help you build your kids’ wish lists or even your own! I update these posts often and most of the gift ideas I post are on sale as I always love a good deal and want to help you out!

Gift Ideas for Kids

I update these regularly and add more as my kids age. Often, I look at what they are asking for at a certain age and then add some of those ideas to these posts. Though I have 3 boys, we don’t go by gender stereotypes and are just fine with our boys playing with toys that are marketed to girls. Therefore, you’ll see a variety of toys in these posts, especially since there are some that if I were a young child I’d love so I add them too. Haha! I’ve got to have some fun, right?!

fun toys for babies for learning and play text with a picture of my twins as babies playing with a shape sorter toy
Toys for Babies Ages 0-12 Months
Best gifts for 1-year-olds for any occasion text with green background and gifts strewn about
Best Gifts for 1-Year-Olds
fun gifts for 2-year-olds for any occasion text with pile of gifts
Fun Gifts for 2-year-olds
Educational and Fun gifts for 3-year-olds for any occasion text with party supplies underneath it
Educational & Fun Gifts for 3-year-olds
Creative and Active Gifts for 4-year-olds for any occasion
Creative & Active Gifts for 4-year-olds
gifts for 5 year olds
11 Awesome Gifts for 5-year-olds
15 games and other gift ideas for 6-year-olds
15 Games and Other Gift Ideas for 6-year-olds
Gifts for 7 year olds
15 Fun Gift Ideas for 7-Year-Olds That Don’t Involve Screens!

Creating an Amazon Wish List

We have Amazon Wish lists for all of us to keep it easy for us to add things AND to keep it easy on family who want to buy us gifts. It’s really neat to be able to see all of our lists together, yet separate, when linked through one account. We also have it set up so my husband or I can add items to the kids’ wish lists and we each get alerted when the other one adds something.

amazon wishlist
Create an Amazon Wishlist to Share Your Gift Ideas on Amazon
how and why to create an amazon baby registry
How & Why to Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Gift Ideas for Adults

Adults can be so hard to shop for, at least I think so. Especially for those of us who feel like we have everything we need or have parents or loved ones who feel that way about themselves. In these posts, I did my best to go beyond the norm and include different ideas you may not have thought of.

I will update these on a regular basis as well to keep things fresh! I don’t know about you, but I love a good deal, so I try to post things that are on sale at the time of publishing. Granted, Amazon changes prices often but know it is my intent to help you find unique ideas and good deals!

The ideas below are separated by occasion somewhat but really could be used for any gift giving opportunity.

gift ideas for women
Gift Ideas for Women You May Not Have Thought Of
gift ideas for men
Gift Ideas for Men He’s Sure to Love
best gifts for moms of twins text with image of three gifts including two shirts and a tumbler for water, coffee, or tea.
Best Gifts for Moms of Twins

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

Mothers Day Gift ideas
Mother’s Day Gifts
Father's Day gift ideas
Father’s Day Gifts

Other Holidays

Not sure what to get your partner for your Anniversary or Valentine’s Day? Below are some ideas of what they may like. I’ve included my own input for things I’d like and also things my husband would like to try and cover the bases. I’ll work on adding to this one as well as the others to keep things fresh, as one should in a relationship. 🙂

Valentines Day gift ideas and Anniversary gift ideas
Anniversary & Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
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