Black Friday is what many shoppers wait for every year to get the best deals for their hard earned money! This year almost everyone is starting early so it’s time to get shopping!!

Black Friday

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My Black Friday History

Back in the early 2000s when I was a teenager, Black Friday deals didn’t start until Black Friday. The best deals didn’t start on Thanksgiving or the Monday of Black Friday week, they only began in the early morning hours of Black Friday itself.

In those days, once I got my driver’s license, I loved heading out on the morning of Black Friday to get the best deals. I would start my Black Friday around 3:30am and head out to stores about 30 minutes away to stand in line and wait for them to open.

I live in Minnesota so this was quite cold, especially that early in the morning! I’m so glad that in subsequent years the deals headed online instead of just in-store!

Back in those days, I’d make sure that I got the local paper to see the store ads and find the best deals. I’d make a list and full plan for each store that I was going to go to, in what order I was going to get to them, and which department of the store I needed to go to first. It was pretty intense but I loved it!

Once I was in college, I still went a couple times but my interest faded after a couple years of getting up super early and heading out to shop when what I really needed was some rest while on break from college. I started doing my Black Friday shopping primarily online, which was a welcome change!

Of course, as the years have gone by, Black Friday no longer starts on Black Friday; typically days or even weeks prior. This makes it hard to know when the “best” deals really are and when to shop in order to get the best deals and not miss out on them!