Norwex Dusting Mitts

My Kids Love to Help Me Dust with Norwex Dusting Mitts

I used to hate dusting but now I don’t mind it with my Norwex Dusting Mitt!! Since the Dusting Mitt doesn’t need any chemicals to work, I feel safe letting my kids use it too. They love to help me clean with their own dusting mitts!

Norwex Dusting Mitt

My sons LOVE using Norwex dusting mitts to dust the house. Of course, their technique isn’t perfect but they’re still young. It’s so fun though to all be dusting together and to have them saying “what else, Mom?” asking what else they should dust. I love using mine too.

We’ve actually gotten to the point where each kid has their own, in their favorite color, and I have one in my favorite color as well (purple!). Our 4-year-old twin boys love them so much that they keep them in their rooms. Lol

The great thing about the Norwex Dusting Mitt is that it attracts and holds onto dust without the need for any cleaners or chemicals! It can be used dry or wet with water, depending on your preference.

teal Norwex dusting mitt
Norwex Dusting Mitt

How to Use the Norwex Dusting Mitt

My kids and I typically use them dry and simply run our hand with mitt on it over the surface we want to dust, such as the entertainment center, bookshelves, desks, and more.

If you rub your hand over the dusting mitt first, or better rub the rubber brush over it first, that’ll further activate the microfiber to trap dust.

I like to use it wet to clean the window screens every Spring and Fall. It’s amazing how well it does at getting screens clean. You can clean them with the window open or take the screens off and clean them that way.

dusting mitt and screens
Norwex Dusting Mitt after Cleaning Screens using just water and the dusting mitt.

After Dusting

When you’re done dusting, you can either use a rubber brush on the dusting mitt over the trash to clean it off for next time, simply run it under the faucet while rubbing it together to get the dust and gunk off, or toss it in the washer.

When you do wash it, be sure not to wash it with any linty fabrics like regular towels and don’t use fabric softener, as that will make it less effective. Sounds like extra work but honestly, it’s so worth it.

The great thing about the Norwex Dusting Mitt and other Norwex products are that they are reusable, work well, and sustainable.

Norwex Dusting Helpers

Norwex EnviroWand

If you have hard to reach spots such as a ceiling fan or just want a longer reach with a bigger surface area in general, check out the EnviroWand pictured above and below. It has a two sided sleeve that can be laundered and cleaned off with the Rubber Brush just like the Dusting Mitt.

The attached handle also has a little area that screws off and shows a smaller brush that is great for cleaning keyboards, baseboards, cabinet door grooves, and even windowsills!

The handle also can be swapped out with the Norwex Telescopic Mop Handle that comes with the Superior Mop System or can be purchased separately.

Mini cleaning brush inside of Envirowand

Ideas of Things to Have Kids Dust

  • Baseboards
  • Doors
  • Entertainment Stands (but not TVs as those may topple over)
  • Changing tables – the shelves underneath
  • Bookcases
  • Low Tables like by the couch
  • Bedside Tables
  • Crib/Bed rails and headboards
  • Toys – especially the ones that rarely get touched!
My kids with their Norwex Dusting Mitts on their hands ready to clean
My 3 boys helping me clean with their Norwex dusting mitts

Other Natural Cleaning Ideas

I wrote an article previously about Natural Cleaning Products that I love and surely stand by those. My kids use the Norwex EnviroCloths and Window Cloths to help me clean. They also use the Counter Cloths to wipe their faces and hands after meals. I write more about them in the blog posts below.

My favorite natural cleaning products showing Norwex dusting mitt, envirocloth, window cloth, counter cloths in house, and kitchen cloth
My Blog Post about My Favorite Natural Cleaning Products
my three kids with dust mitts in the air on their hands
My Blog Post about How to Involve Kids in Cleaning

My Kids Help Me Dust click through to see how to get yours excited about dusting too! WIth a picture of my little guys and their dusting mitts.

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