Norwex toilet brush cleaning system

Norwex Toilet Brush with Cleanser Dispenser Honest Review

Are you looking for an easy way to clean your toilets and a toilet brush that is long lasting? Check out the Norwex Toilet Brush with a built-in dispenser!! See my full review below!

The Problem

Cleaning your toilet bowl is anything but exciting. An ordinary toilet brush harbors so much bacteria that it should be replaced every 6 months! I always knew toilet brushes were gross but never knew they should be replaced that often!

Between the bacteria and the bristles being worn down, they just aren’t that effective after 6 months and are simply disgusting.

Add to that, having to get out the toilet bowl cleaner, pour it in to the bowl, then put it away before brushing the toilet bowl is just another annoyance.

Until now…

The Solution

The Norwex toilet brush is so awesome they have named it the Norwex Toilet Bowl Cleaning System because it’s more than just a toilet brush.

Not only does it have a built in dispenser for the bowl cleaner, the bristles and base are made with BacLock which means they offer continuous protection against bacteria and microbes that can cause odor, mold, and mildew.

This is the only self-cleaning toilet brush on the market!! The built in BacLock helps keep the toilet brush bristles and stand stay cleaner longer and last much longer than a traditional toilet brush.

Disclaimer: I am a Norwex Consultant but even if I weren’t, I’d recommend this!

Norwex toilet bowl cleaning system with baclock

My Honest Review of the Norwex Toilet Brush

I really like the new toilet brush system! I’ve been using it for several months and feel that it keeps my toilets much cleaner and it’s so easy to use!

After using the first one I bought for a month I ended up buying a second one with host rewards I got from hosting a Norwex party, so now I have one on the main floor and one upstairs which is great!

I use them both at least weekly and have found the cleaner in the reservoir to last a long time! With us being home 24/7 we use our toilets heavily, especially the one on the main floor. I still haven’t run out of the Norwex Bathroom Cleaner that I put into the reservoir. It lasts up to 120 pumps and only 1-2 pumps are needed for each cleaning!

I love knowing that my new toilet brushes also clean themselves so I don’t have to worry about harmful bacteria being harbored within them. Granted, I’m not going to do anything like use them anywhere other than the toilet, but good to know that they are self purifying as they dry!

1 Year Later Update

I am still loving these toilet brushes even after using them weekly for almost a year. I still haven’t needed to refill the cleaning reservoir which is beyond impressive! They still look like new as well and do a great job cleaning. I continue to highly recommend these toilet brushes.

Have you tried out the Norwex Toilet Brush?

What are YOUR thoughts?

Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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