how and why to create an amazon baby registry

How and Why to Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Are you wondering where to start a baby registry? I highly suggest that you create an Amazon Baby Registry! It’s easy, easy to share and for people to shop from, PLUS there are perks!!

Want to skip reading and just start creating your registry? Click the button below!

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Why to Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Having an Amazon Baby Registry makes it easy to put everything in one spot. You can easily add products from Amazon with the click of a button and you can also add products that aren’t on Amazon!

An Amazon Baby Registry is more than just a registry. It also has a baby registry checklist, ideas and inspiration from various sources, the ability to easily share with friends and family, several benefits, and a way to easily send Thank Yous AND deal with any returns.

Granted, with an Amazon Baby Registry, when someone purchases something off of it, it gets marked off for anyone else who is shopping for you, so there likely won’t be a need for returns unless you change your mind on an item.

Baby Registry Checklist

Amazon has a really handy Baby Registry Checklist that is part of every baby registry. If you already feel you know what you need, great, you can ignore it. But if you’re like me when I was pregnant with my first child, I thought I knew but…there were a lot of things I would have missed if I didn’t have the registry checklist.

Within the Baby Registry Checklist there are 12 categories from safety to clothing to books and everything in between. Within each category there are between 2 and 8 items for you to check off.

It’s really neat because as you go through the categories and check them off by finding what you’re looking for on Amazon, there is a circle chart that keeps track of how far along you are on your registry.

Below is a screenshot of the one I made for our twins. Since we had 1 of most things from our first child, we didn’t need to have as much on our registry for the twins. Also, since they were my second and third children, I didn’t have baby showers so I didn’t have the need for a registry really. My neighbors did throw me a baby sprinkle though which was really appreciated!!

Registry checklist completion chart

I won’t go through all the sections since you can easily go through them on your own after creating your registry, but here is a screenshot of the Strollers & Car Seats section.

Strollers and Car Seats section of registry checklist

When you click on one of the images, let’s say the infant car seats, you’ll be directed to the Amazon page full of infant car seats! It’s so great to have an easy way to get to what you’re looking for!

Below is an image of a few car seats that are shown when I clicked on the infant car seats image and as you can see, you can easily add it to your cart OR easily add it to your registry!

Easily Add Items To Your Registry straight from the product page
Easily Add Items To Your Registry

Add Items and Registry Inspiration

If you don’t want to go through the checklist, you can click on ‘Add Items’ along the top menu and see ideas and inspiration from What to Expect, Philips Avent, vtech, Pampers, and more!

If you scroll down further, you’ll see registry favorites, books for baby and parents, big gifts from small brands, and more. Obviously, if an area is sponsored by Pampers, they’re probably going to recommend Pampers within their section, as well as other items. Don’t let that deter you though, there could still be some great information if you click through!

Below is a screenshot of the ‘Add Items’ section before I started scrolling down the page. There are a lot of ideas an inspiration. It reminds me of wedding planning, going through all of the Bridal magazines and blogs to get inspiration.

If you aren’t looking for inspiration and just want to add items on your own, that’s fine too! Just type into the search bar in Amazon like you would shopping for anything else, go to the product page, and add it to your registry!

Ideas and inspiration section of baby registry


On the Share page you can easily share your baby registry with others via link or even through email, or social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or WhatsApp. Below is the ‘share’ section of my twin baby registry. I blacked out my url, yours would actually show up.

Share your registry


Now to the super exciting part, the BENEFITS of having an Amazon Baby Registry!!

Registry Completion Discount

There is a registry completion discount of 15% off that is available 60 days prior to your baby’s expected arrival date and has an expiration of 90 days after your baby’s expected arrival date. To be eligible, you’ll need to have your registry account active for at least 14 days.

A message will appear at the top of your Baby Registry homepage when it’s ready for you to use. I believe you’ll get an email as well. You can use the discount on up to 50 items but it has to be all in one cart as the coupon is one time use only and will only work on one cart.

You can apply the 15% discount on orders up to a combined value of $2,000 for a maximum discount of $300.

It’s so great to have this discount for closer to when baby arrives or even afterward. That way you can finish up shopping after you’ve had baby showers or even use it after baby arrives when you realize you forgot about something such as a changing table or simply need a whole lot of diapers!

FREE Welcome Box

In addition to the discount near baby’s arrival date, you also get a Registry Welcome Box!! This typically comes rather soon after you start your registry as long as you’ve completed 60% of your checklist.

To be eligible for the welcome box you need to be an Amazon Prime member, complete 60% of your checklist, and purchase $10 from your registry. All pretty easy to do!

Not an Amazon Prime Member but want to know what it’s all about? Click the button below to start a free trial!

Exclusive Prime Offers

There are also exclusive prime offers as part of the Amazon Baby Registry! These change with time but I can say that currently the deal is 15% off photo cards, gifts, and decor from the Amazon Photos Baby Store!

Diaper Fund

Don’t need much in terms of baby items but know you’ll need a lot of diapers? You can ask friends and family to contribute to a diaper fund by adding it to your registry!

Heck, even if you do need all the regular baby items this would be a great thing to add!

Amazon’s Bundle of Benefits

  • Universal Registry: Easily add items from ANY site for one easy to manage registry
  • Largest selection from A to Z with over 270,000 baby items within the baby store
  • Mobile Registry that you can update anywhere, anytime from their app
  • Easy 365-day gift returns
  • 15% completion discount as mentioned above
  • Fast, free shipping on orders over $25 or if you’re a Prime member, on any order!!

Baby Registry Sweepstakes

Amazon also has a Baby Registry Sweepstakes that you can enter for a chance to win $2,500 for your registry!

Free Diaper Benefit

You can save 20% on eligible diapers in your baby’s first year with your Baby Registry.

  • You’ll need to reach $500 in items purchased from your registry which could be from friends or family, yourself, or a combination.
  • On your baby’s arrival date, Amazon will automatically apply a 20% promo code on your diaper purchases for the next year!
  • You can combine this discount with Subscribe and Save to get up to an additional 20% off – which could total 40% off your diaper orders for a year!
  • The discount runs for 12 months from the arrival date or until you’ve reached a maximum of $300 in discounted diaper spending, whichever comes first.

How to Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon has made it super easy! Just click the button below and it’ll walk you through the process.

Even if you have registries at other stores, you can still create an Amazon Baby Registry to get the discounts and keep track of what you need. You could even combine your other registries with the Amazon one since it works with other sites as well. Totally up to you.

Either way, it’s worth creating one today!

Can I be totally honest with you? Currently, if you click on the button to create a Baby Registry, I get $3 at no cost to you. It may not seem like a lot but every dollar I make I put back into my blog to further my mission to help other mamas. I greatly appreciate every dollar! Thanks!!

Need More Inspiration or Info?

If you need more information on how to add things to an Amazon Baby Registry or general Amazon Wishlist, check out this blog post of mine that goes over it in more detail.

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