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Amazon Prime Day is basically Black Friday in July! Amazon Prime Day will be here before we know it and I’ll update the posts below as deals are released and keep updating throughout the two day event.

Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

To fully participate in Prime Day you need to have Amazon Prime! You can start a 30-day free trial to Amazon Prime by clicking the underlined text!

Top Prime Day Categories

Amazon Prime Day Top Electronics Deals
Top Amazon Prime Day Electronics
Amazon Prime Day Deals for Kids
Amazon Prime Day Kids Deals
Amazon Prime Day Deals for the Home
Amazon Prime Day Deals For The Home
Amazon Prime Day Deals for Babies
Amazon Prime Day Deals for Baby
Amazon Prime Day Kitchen Deals with an image of a nice kitchen.
Amazon Prime Day Deals for the Kitchen
Amazon Prime Day Deals on Luggage, Backpacks, Bags, Suitcases, Totes, and more!
Amazon Prime Day Deals on Luggage, Backpacks, Totes, and more!
Amazon Prime Day Deals for Health and Wellness with an image of an essential oil diffuser.
Amazon Prime Day Deals on Health & Wellness
Amazon Prime Day deals on beauty with an image of beauty products
Amazon Prime Day Deals on Beauty

Back to School

These posts aren’t all Prime Day deals but a lot are included. They’re all great deals no matter if they’re Prime or not and they’ll help your kids be ready for the school year!

Prime day back to school
Prime Day Back to School Deals
back to school supplies deals
Save Big on Back to School Supplies
back to school electronics deals
Back to School Electronics Deals

Tips for the Future

I suggest setting some money aside ahead of time in preparation for the following year’s Prime Day. This way you can get more of what’s on your wishlist without worry!!

Another tip is to make an actual wishlist on Amazon ahead of time so you are notified if they go on sale and so you can more easily track prices.

You can also use Prime Day as super duper early Christmas shopping if you’re really on your game and think you know what others will want for Christmas even before they do! Ha!

To Be Honest…

Prime Day is a super big deal for me.

My blog has a lot of posts but is still quite new and I work hard to drive traffic to it. I probably work 30 hours a week on my blog in any free time I have while also being a SAHM to my 3 little boys.

The main way people make money from having a blog is by selling products, which I haven’t really gotten into yet but I do plan on it.

Another way is running ads, like you’ll see on my site, which I feel bad for but it’s one of the few ways I make a few dollars a month. I do work with a company called SHE Media who runs my ads instead of Google. I love SHE Media because they are women-owned and empower women all over. They also let me have some control over my ads such as not having any ads for alcohol, drugs, firearms, etc. I like being able to keep those things off my site!

The third way is affiliate marketing/affiliate links. This is where Prime Day comes in. Every time you click through on one of my Amazon links and then buy something within the next 24 hours, even if it’s not what I linked to, I get a small amount of commission at no extra cost to you. Generally, this brings in just a few dollars a month because the commission rate is typically around 2% and not many people come to my blog and click through my links. However, last year on Prime Day I made $70 in affiliate commission in two days. That was most of my income last year from my blog. I greatly, greatly appreciated that $70 from Amazon which helped fund becoming an LLC this year.

All that to say, I greatly appreciate when anyone clicks through my Amazon links and buys anything. I seriously get excited every time I see I got even a penny of commission! It’s not even about the money really, it just makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something and maybe my blog will eventually make somewhat of a regular income, but we’ll see.

So if you want to make a twin mama smile, next time you want to buy something from Amazon, click here first so I get a few pennies of commission and feel accomplished.

Happy Shopping!!