Little Passports Kids Activity Boxes My Honest Review

Little Passports Kids Activity Boxes: My Honest Review Plus a Discount!

Are you looking for a fun way to help your twins learn and engage with something other than technology? Check out Little Passports inspirational learning boxes that can be purchased one at a time or as a subscription.

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About Little Passports

Little Passports was created by two friends who shared a vision of inspiring children to discover the wonders of the world. They launched in 2009 and have been growing ever since. They love sharing the importance of learning beyond one’s own doors and helping children broaden their horizons.

A Subscription is Optional

Though they are based on a subscription model, you don’t have to sign up for a subscription if you don’t want to. It does save you money in the long run but if you want to just try a box out to see what you think you can always buy them one at a time.

Several Fun Options for All Ages

We’d been looking for an all-in-one activity box for our oldest for years as I was running out of ideas. We honestly had never tried one until Little Passports. Full disclosure, they contacted me to see if I’d want to be an affiliate of them and with that I got an activity box of my choice for my kids and I to try out. Even being an affiliate, my opinions are fully my own and factual, I wouldn’t be an affiliate with them if I didn’t love their products!

They have so many great options! Each box is made for a certain age group and certain theme.

I requested the ages 3-5 Animals Wild box because I wanted to use it with my 4 year old twins since my oldest gets to try out new stuff all the time with his online schooling, I wanted to give them a chance for something new and exciting.

Honestly though, we all had a lot of fun with it, even my 6 year old. I’ll show more about our experience later in this post.

There are different boxes for different age groups including Early Explorers, World Edition, Science Junior, Space Quest, Science Expeditions, Kitchen Adventures, Animals Wild, and their newest box Craft Discovery.

The image below tells more about each type of activity box, including the ages it’s recommended for.

Little Passports subscription options for different age groups and activity types.
Image from the Little Passports Website
Little Passports Boxes
Image from

Our Experience with the Ages 3-5 Animals Wild Box

With all the options to choose from it was hard to decide what to order first! My boys love animals so I decided to go with the Animals Wild box for ages 3-5 since my twins are 4.

To be honest, it was a lot sturdier and well put together than I had expected. A reason we hadn’t gotten one of these types of boxes before is because we figured it wouldn’t be all that great but we were wrong! The Little Passports activity box has surpassed our expectations!

I documented our experience unboxing the materials and putting everything together. It was surely something that I needed to help my little guys with but it was all really well put together, easy to understand what to do, and they enjoyed helping.


As you can see below, they were super excited to open the box and see what was inside. They were able to help popping out the foam game pieces as well as the 3D animals that we got to construct together.

Little Passports Animals Wild Box

Part 1: 3D Standing Book with Flaps and Fun!

The activity box we got includes a really neat book that becomes 3D but also can be laid flat when not in use. It has four different areas that have pictures and words explaining about different animals, some flaps to lift to learn more, and even a fold out section. It’s kept together by a cardboard clip that comes with it. It also has a little folder in the front to keep the clip and any other small papers or items when not in use.

We had a lot of fun exploring this book, learning more about the Rainforest ecosystem and animals.

Animals Wild 3D book
Animals Wild 3D Book
Rainforest book

Part 2: Rainforest Romp Game

My kids really enjoyed popping out all the round foam game pieces and helping put together the Rainforest Romp Game. They helped with popping out the tree branches as well, which I have a tip for! Wait to pop the branches out until you are ready to put them onto the tree because they are numbered and it’s important to know which one relates to each number. I found this out the hard way and had to work backwards. It’s totally ok if you do need to work backwards, you’ll figure it out, but would have been a bit easier had I waited.

Little Passports 3D jungle game from Wild Box

After putting together the game, I read the directions to the boys and taught them how to play. It took one of them a little while to figure out what it meant to pull the leaf on the launcher down instead of down and out in order to launch the game pieces, but eventually he got it. Before long they were able to play on their own and would make up sub-games such as how many they could get on the leaves in 2 minutes, 5 minutes, and more. It was pretty cute.

Twin B is excited because he got one on the leaf after trying for a while!

Above you can see that Twin B, who had trouble with the launcher initially, figured it out and is very excited!

Below you can see a close up of one of the big green leaves that catches the tokens. The picture in the upper right shows a closer view of the leaf launcher and on the bottom a picture of them playing the game.

We switched out the animals that we had on the top level to see if we could knock them down. We also hung a monkey from one of the leaves to try and knock him down for extra points.

My twins playing the game!

As I mentioned previously, my 6-year-old also enjoys playing this game, as do I! There are two launchers so only two people can play at once but for once in their lives, they did great at sharing! Any game that is going to help them share is a winner in my book!

This is just one of the many boxes available, we look forward to trying others in the future and I’ll let you know when we do!

NEW Little Passport Craft Discovery Boxes

Little Passports just released a NEW box full of fun! It’s their Craft Discovery Boxes that will help you and your little ones harness your creativity! No more having to hunt for a craft for the season we’re in, you’ll get one sent to your door every month if you subscribe! You also can choose to buy them one at a time, up to you. Click below to read my blog post about the first Craft Discovery Box we got.

Homeschool Resources

Little Passports activity boxes are great for any family, especially those who homeschool and are always looking for new ideas to bring learning to life. The activity boxes are well made and multi-dimensional in that they are 3D plus they include more than one activity.

Little Passports also has a whole page of resources for Homeschooling families! I’m sure anyone can use them even if you aren’t homeschooling. The resources include free printables, lesson plans, and homeschooling curriculum resources.

The Way it Really Is + Deals

My honest review of Little Passports based on the activity box I’ve gotten so far is that they are a great learning tool, at a good price, and amazing quality. I had feared that it would be a one-and-done type of activity but to my delight, it will stand the test of time as long as my rowdy boys aren’t too rough on it.

I was afraid that with the game and launching things they’d get out of hand with it but luckily they did not. They really liked the idea of launching them just enough to get them onto the leaf instead of trying to launch them across the room. Which really, they’re foam, it wouldn’t be a big deal if they did.

I fully recommend Little Passports activity boxes, whether you choose to go for a 6-month or 12-month subscription or just a one-off box.

I’m really excited because we have another box on the way, where we’ll get to try out the new Craft box!! I’ll be sure to write another blog post about our experience with that (it is linked below in Related Posts).

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Graphic from regarding their services and stats

Little Passports kids activity subscription box my honest review text with images of my twins playing with the activities included.

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