Little Passports Space Quest

Little Passports Space Quest Honest Review

Do you want to enhance your twins’ learning with something out of this world that requires no prep and no screentime? Check out the Little Passports Space Quest activity boxes. We’re sure glad we did!

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About Little Passports and Discounts

As I noted in previous posts about Little Passports, the company was created by two friends to inspire children to discover the wonders of the world. They launched over 10 years ago and have several different themes of subscription boxes for different age groups.

While subscriptions are the largest part of their business, they are optional. You can purchase a box at a time or try out a 6-month or 12-month subscription. As with most subscriptions, you end up saving money overall by subscribing, especially with the 30% off discount below!

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Variety of Options for All Ages

Little Passports has several different themed boxes for different age groups. The first one we got was the Animals Wild box for ages 3-5 for my twins, which I reviewed here. Even my then 6-year-old loved it as well and months later we still play with it.

The age groups include 3-5, 5-8, 6-10, 7+, 6-8, and 8+. Overall topics include Craft Discovery, Culture & Geography, and STEM. Specific box themes are Early Explorers, World Edition, Science Junior, Space Quest, Science Expeditions, Kitchen Adventures, Animals Wild, and Craft Discovery.

The image below tells more about each type of activity box, including the ages it’s recommended for.

Little Passports subscription options for different age groups and activity types.
Image from the Little Passports Website
Little Passports Boxes
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Our Experience with Little Passports Space Quest Box

Within the STEM category, Science Technology Engineering and Math, we tried out the Little Passports Space Quest box for ages 6-8. My 7-year-old love it and put most of it together himself. My almost 5-year-old twins also love the activity!

This box is just one of the many Little Passports Space Quest boxes Little Passports has.


There was a large poster with instructions on one side and a fun Life Cycle of a Star informational graphic on the other side. I’m quite certain this will end up on the walls of our homeschool classroom, it’s too cool not to.

The supplies included were everything that we needed to complete the activities.

There is also a two sided informational sheet about the stars, planetariums, astronauts, and more in a comic book type format that is fun for kids. Little Passports also includes a URL to visit if you want to learn more about your planetarium’s constellations.

Little Passports Space activity box

Part 1: Reading about the Life Cycle of a Star

We always love the Little Passports boxes and though I know my kids want to get right into the hands on activities, we tend to start with the learning component first as I know once they are hands on they won’t come back. Ha!

They loved learning more about space as that’s one of their favorite topics! It was neat to learn more about the lifecycle of a star, things I’m sure I knew at some point when I took astronomy but it’s been years!

They loved the illustrations and how colorful the poster is!

1 1

Part 2: Building the Planetarium

My 7-year-old, pictured below, was excited to start building the planetarium! He doesn’t look thrilled here but I caught him mid-working. Ha! He did a great job at following the well written directions on the other side of the lifecycle of a star poster.

I love how they have the directions on one side and the poster on the other, maximizing the space instead of having two huge pieces of paper. Little Passports does a lot of things like that and I really appreciate it as someone who likes to cut down on waste anywhere I can!

Little Passports Space planetarium activity

While building the planetarium, there were a couple times that he needed my help to hold something or push something through but overall he was able to do a lot of the steps on his own.

It was really cool once it was finished and the light was inside!

Right away we went upstairs to find some place that was dark enough we could see the stars on the walls. I did take pictures but of course with how dark it was in order for it to work, pictures didn’t turn out the best. They did include an illustration in the directions that shows how it works, which I’ve included below.


This is an illustration from the Little Passports Space Quest directions of how the planetarium works in a dark room. I was unable to get a good picture of it due to it being dark in the room but I can assure you, their depiction is accurate!

Part 3: Putting the Galactic Light Pen Together

This one was fun to put together as well. Again, he needed a little bit of help from me but not much. As you can see, he always has his tongue out when he’s concentrating. He gets that from my dad and ever since we told him that his grandpa does that when he’s concentrating, he does it even more. Lol

The galactic pen is really neat because you can shine four different space shapes onto the wall of a dark room. Like the planetarium, it was really neat to see this come together into what it is.

We enjoyed putting these together and have enjoyed playing with them ever since!


The Way it Really Is + More Deals

The Little Passports Space Quest activity box surpassed my expectations. I am always impressed with the high quality of the materials included, the activities, and even the poster included. My 3 boys can be rough on things but these are all made of such quality material I don’t feel I need to hide them so they don’t get broken.

As with all the Little Passports activity boxes we have gotten, we love that there are always multiple activities included as well as learning components.

As I mentioned above, we enjoyed putting them together and have continued to enjoy using them. I’m sure once the days get shorter and we have more darkness they’ll be even more entertaining!

I fully recommend Little Passports activity boxes, whether you choose to go for a 6-month or 12-month subscription or just one box at a time.

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Little Passports Space Quest kids activity box

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