Little Passports Craft Discovery Curated Activity Box for kids with a special discount!

Little Passports Craft Discovery Curated Activity Boxes for Kids

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Are you looking for a fun craft to do with your kids that you don’t have to plan on your own? Check out the Little Passports Craft Discovery Activity boxes!! You can either buy Little Passport activity boxes one at a time or save money by buying them as a subscription.

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What is Little Passports?

As I explained in a previous post about Little Passports, it was created by two friends in 2009 and have been growing in popularity and different types of activity boxes they offer ever since!

Little Passports makes curated activity boxes for children starting as young as 3 years old and in various subjects such as culture, geography, STEM (science technology engineering and math) and also crafts! Every month they come out with a new box for each age group and subject.

Most people choose to sign up for a 6-month or 12-month subscription to take advantage of discounts and getting a fresh fun activity to do with their children every month, though a subscription is not required. You could also just buy one box at a time if desired.

New! Little Passports Craft Discovery Activity Boxes

Speaking of growing in popularity and different types of activity boxes, Little Passports just came out with the Craft Discovery Box!! We were lucky enough to try one out and loved it!

We got to try out the Easter Egg Artist Craft Discovery Box in March and really enjoyed it. Below is what came in the package. It came with a big two-sided instruction sheet with step by step pictures which were so great at explaining what we needed to do. Each month there will be a different craft activity box with a topical theme!


Part 1: Easter Traditions

The first part of the instructions are about Easter Egg traditions around the world which is full of interesting facts about other countries, how they dye Easter eggs, what they do with them, and more. They also have some great pictures of the different types of Easter eggs.

Part 2: Woven Basket

Our favorite part of this whole box was the woven basket activity.

Just like the previous box I had gotten from them, the material of the woven basket is like some sort of solid cardboard type material that is strong and durable as it seems to have a plastic type coating on it. It isn’t actually plastic and it isn’t just cardboard, it’s like this super awesome durable board that is easy to work with and long lasting.

The holes were pre-punched and there were two different colors of yarn that came with the kit. There was also a plastic needle that helped with attaching the basket handle to the basket when the time came to do that.

I started out weaving the yarn around the basket as none of my kids were interested in doing it, they just wanted to get to the eggs. By the time I was about half way done though my almost 7 year old wanted to try it out. He was excited to sew, somewhat, and finish up the woven basket.

After explaining to him what I had been doing and what he needed to do next he got to work on it and really enjoyed it. He was able to follow the directions well and really stuck with completing it, which is surprising for him since he often has a hard time staying on task.

In case you’re wondering, my shirt is indeed a Christmas shirt even though we were doing this in April. Overnight 7 fresh inches of snow fell and I felt like being cozy and goofy so I wore a Christmas shirt.

Woven basket from the craft kit
Finished Woven Basket from Little Passports craft activity box

Part 3: Easter Eggs

One whole side of the instructions is about how to apply the egg tattoos to the egg. The instructions are colorful, well written, and very helpful.

The Little Passports Craft activity box had enough tattoos for 24 eggs though we decided to just make 8. We had already hard boiled them and they were ready to be tattooed.

As per the instructions, we used the included sponge and a bowl of water to get the sponge and tattoos wet then held them on the egg. It worked really well for the smaller tattoos and we had fun with those, as one of my twins is showing below.

The larger ones didn’t work great though since we had to hold it longer and they just didn’t seem to stick. My boys had fun counting to 30 over and over again to keep the sponge and tattoo on as long as the instructions said though.

It was fun though and there is certainly a chance that we did something wrong. Admittedly, I have never used tattoos on eggs before so it was a very new experience to us all!

There were also egg stands that we were able to put together easily and have our eggs rest on as you can see in the photos below.

Decorating Easter Eggs
Showing off completed Easter Eggs from the Little Passports craft box

The Way it Really Is

This was Little Passport’s first craft box and it was overall a hit in our house.

Though the egg tattoos weren’t the easiest to apply, I did use this with my 4 year old twins and the box is rated for 5+, so maybe that was part of our problem. Thinking back, I also think that our eggs weren’t quite room temp as we had them in the fridge previously so maybe that led to some of the difficulty as well. Next Easter I’ll be sure to follow directions more carefully and have extra sponges for the kids to use so they don’t have to take turns with the 1.

Other than that though, I think it was a really fun family activity that we look forward to doing again next year since we still have a lot of egg tattoos.

The basket will surely be stored with our Easter decorations and we’ll take it out again next Spring. Currently, it is on the kitchen table with some plastic eggs in it since we needed to refrigerate the hard boiled eggs. Of course, I didn’t think to take a picture of the finished basket WITH the decorated eggs in it…and honestly…we already ate the eggs…so…The Way it Really Is…

I’m excited to see what other craft ideas they’ll have in future boxes. I really like the idea of having a craft box mailed to the house every month, often with a theme that aligns with the month we’re in. Takes a lot of guess work out of finding a topical and fun activity for the kids and makes me look like a super mom for an afternoon. Ha!

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Sneak Peek of Future Little Passports Craft Activity Boxes

On the Little Passports website they show a sneak peek of some upcoming craft activity boxes I just had to share as well! As you can see, it isn’t all holiday related, there are a lot of great activities coming up every month!

May Little Passports Craft Activity Box sneak peek from their website
Sneak peek at an upcoming Little Passports craft activity box!

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Little Passports Craft Discovery Curated Activity Box for kids with a special discount!

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