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Breathe Easy with the Wyze Air Purifier: A Lifesaver for Asthma Sufferers

Do you suffer from asthma and are looking for an air purifier to filter the air around you so you can breathe easy again? I’ve been where you are and I found the Wyze Air Purifier to be the perfect solution! Read on to learn more.

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Why the Need for an Air Purifier?

As someone who struggles with asthma, finding relief from the summer’s wildfire smoke became my top priority. Despite staying indoors during days with poor air quality, I still found it difficult to breathe, to the extent that I resorted to wearing a N95 mask overnight just to get some relief.

Though my asthma has been quite well controlled over the past 20 years, the wildfire smoke was really getting to me, even when I was indoors.

It’s scary not being able to breathe well and feeling like there is no place safe for me. I started researching what may help as it seemed the wildfires were going to last, and sadly they did.

Researching Air Purifiers

I started researching air purifiers by asking a friend of mine who I knew had a couple at home, which models she had. She told me and I looked into them and right as I was about to hit ‘Buy’ on Amazon, I had a second thought…I needed to check how loud they were.

How loud the air purifier was is important to me because I planned on having it next to me while I work and also up with me in the bedroom while I slept. I am used to sleeping with a small fan on near me but if an air purifier was loud then I’d have a hard time concentrating while working and a hard time sleeping.

After sadly finding out that the one she recommended was quite loud, I decided to look elsewhere. I had tabs upon tabs open while I researched, trying to find an air purifier with the following qualifications:

  • Ample size for the square footage of the rooms I’d be using it in
  • Quiet enough it wouldn’t keep me up at night
  • From a brand I trust
  • Under $300
  • Easy operation and filter changes

I’m sure there were some other things I considered at the time but those are the main ones.

The Wyze Air Purifier: A Game-Changer

Wyze is a company I’ve liked for years as I’ve written in previous blog posts regarding the security cameras we have that are the Wyze brand. They started out as a really small company and have grown exponentially over the years, branching into much more than just security cameras.

Since I already trusted their products and liked that I’d known of them for years and followed their story, I decided to check out their air purifier.

I fell in love.

Ok, as in love as someone can with an air purifier without getting some sort of diagnosis. Ha!

Really though, I was so excited reading through the specs of the Wyze Air Purifier because it was super quiet, efficient, easy to use, has a variable speed depending on the air quality it detects, and even uses the Wyze app I already had installed on my phone!

Even better? They have a special Wildfire Air Filter that I could get! Yay! I honestly wasn’t sure how much different the standard filter was from the wildfire one but seemed like a good idea to try it out since wildfire smoke was my main concern.

In addition to helping with wildfire smoke, it also is great for allergens such as dust, pet dander, pollen, and odors. The Wyze Air Purifier has a HEPA air filter that is great at eliminating viruses and bacteria. This is a huge plus during the colder months when so much illness is going around.

Wyze App

With the Wyze App I’m able to control the Wyze Air Purifier from my phone, even when I’m not home. Ok, so typically I am home so this isn’t a big plus BUT it also helps me know when the filter needs to be changed and what the air quality is like outside.

Knowing what the air quality is outside, not just in terms of wildfire smoke but other irritants, proved to be very important for my asthma symptoms. There were days when I thought it would be fine outside so I’d head out there and within minutes realize I was having a hard time breathing.

I’d check my Wyze app and see that there was an alert for ozone air pollution so I’d take the kids, head inside, and hang out by the air purifier for a while until I could breathe normally again.

Improved Quality of Life

After using the Wyze Air Purifier, I never wanted to go back to not having it. I have been able to breathe so much easier with it on and near me.

During the days when wildfire smoke was especially bad, I’d even bring the air purifier from the main floor where my office is to our bedroom upstairs at night so I could have it with me there as well. I put it on the sleep mode so it was even quieter and didn’t have the front light display illuminated.

Having the Wyze Air Purifier has helped me be able to sleep so much better than before. Before I had it on those really smoky nights, I literally wore an N-95 mask overnight just so I could breathe. Now I don’t have to do that anymore, thank goodness!

Air Purifier on Vacation

The Wyze Air Purifier helped me so much I even took it on both vacations we took last summer and I’m so glad that I did. The first place was in Northern Minnesota, so closer to the Canada wildfires than we usually were and the smoke was worse at times.

Though it was a huge disappointment to not be able to be outside the whole time we were up at the cabin, I was so thankful to have the air purifier with me so I had my refuge in the cabin with clean air.

Same with the second place, though we were just there a few days I didn’t want to be without the air purifier just in case. I’m glad that I brought it because though it was a nicely renovated barn, there must have been some sort of mustiness because the fan was going a bit nuts when I first turned it on! Before too long, it came back down to a normal range once it cleaned the air.

Where to Buy the Wyze Air Purifier

You can buy the Wyze Air Purifier on the Wyze website or on Amazon. From what I understand, even if you buy it on their website, it is shipped via Amazon.

Wyze Air Purifier with Allergen Filter(Standard), for Home Large Room, HEPA 13, 21db Quiet Sleep Mode, 550 sq ft, Remove 99.97% Pet Hair, Pollen, Dust, Dander, Smoke, Smart WiFi Alexa Google, Black
Wyze Air Purifier with Allergen Filter(Standard), for Home Large Room, HEPA 13, 21db Quiet Sleep Mode, 550 sq ft, Remove 99.97% Pet Hair, Pollen, Dust, Dander, Smoke, Smart WiFi Alexa Google, Black
  • LARGE COVERAGE: Powerful Purification! Capable of cleaning a 500 ft² room over three times in an hour (350 m³/h CADR). High-performing Smart Air purifiers can purify large spaces, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and basements.
  • Three Filter Options: Standard, Special, and Premium options available. Standard Filter Uses: Target particles, pollen, odor; Special Filter Uses: Smoke, ash, smoke smell; Premium Filter Uses: Formaldehyde, heavy odor.
  • WHISPER QUIET: Sleep beside it on low (21 decibels) and speak beside it on high (54 decibels).
  • LASER DUST SENSOR: View air quality! The precision sensor scans the surrounding air for airborne particles, measures air quality down to 0.3 microns, and adjusts automatically.
  • SMART CONTROLS: Complete remote control with in-depth, easy-to-read indoor/outdoor AQ tracking.
 Price: $ 169.99 Buy now at Amazon

The Way it Really Is

If you’re an asthma sufferer or someone who simply wants to breathe cleaner air, the Wyze Air Purifier is a game-changer. It’s powerful technology, user-friendly app, and affordable price make it a top choice for anyone seeking relief from allergens and poor air quality. Don’t compromise on your respiratory health – invest in the Wyze Air Purifier and experience the difference it can make in your life.

Breathe Easy with the Wyze Air Purifier

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