ShoeShoes to reduce germs

Sick of Germy Dirty Floors in Your Classroom Where You Do Circle Time? Try ShoeShoes!

Are you a teacher or daycare provider and sick of dirty floors where your students do circle time? Try ShoeShoes, a versatile and fun reusable shoe cover that your students can slip on over their shoes to trap the gunk and keep your floors clean!

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ShoeShoes Reduce Germs

When I was a school psychologist, I spent a lot of time in elementary school classrooms where students would sit on the floor for circle time, story time, and other times throughout the day. It’s great to get kids up and out of their seats but I always wondered how clean the floor was around them.

Think about it, shoes are full of dirt, animal droppings, bacteria, all the things that we walk on throughout the day for months, maybe even years. Then we have kids sit down on the floor that they’ve been walking on all day to have circle time.

Not only are their legs and bottoms on the floor, but often their hands end up on the floor as well. Now the dirt, animal droppings, bacteria, all the things are on their hands.

Where do their hands go? Their eyes or nose when they have an itch, their mouth when they’re eating snack or lunch, and the straw of their juice box or water bottle when they’re opening it.

Yes, typically kids do wash their hands throughout the day but not many wash effectively and they aren’t washing before touching their face typically.

Did you know 421k bacteria

Enter: ShoeShoes!

ShoeShoes are shoes for your shoes.

ShoeShoes are reusable fabric slip covers that easily slip over regular shoes to trap in all the gunk once they get to the classroom. They’re reusable, machine washable, and are made of durable flex-fabric with non-slip soles!

All you need is one pair for multiple uses from the classroom to the car and beyond!

They’re also great for traveling or bringing an extra pair of shoes with you somewhere, you can bring them without worrying about getting dirt and bacteria on the other items you’re bringing.

ShoeShoes come in various colors and sizes from toddler all the way up to adult large so the kids and teachers can have a pair to keep the classroom clean.

Presenting ShoeShoe Uses

One Pair of ShoeShoes, Multiple Uses

Beyond just using ShoeShoes in the classroom, they’re also great for the ride home so your vehicle doesn’t get all dirty from dirt, mud, and whatever else shoes may drag into your car.

Sure, you could just have your kids take their shoes off before getting into the car but that’s such a hassle and up until a certain age requires help from parents. Plus, just because they’re off doesn’t mean that they don’t drag gunk into your vehicle.

With ShoeShoes, none of this is a problem any longer! They slip over your kid’s shoes, trapping in the dirt, grime, mud, and more. They’re even easy enough for kids to put on themselves!

Once you get home, open the door and take them off, shake them out if needed, and store in your vehicle for the next ride.

If they’re rather dirty, you can toss them in the washer for a deep clean!

Pick your favorite ShoeShoe

Basics of Shoe Shoes

ShoeShoes are

  • Reusable
  • Made of durable flex fabric
  • Come in many colors
  • Come in many sizes from toddler to adult
  • Have a non-slip sole
  • Have a space in the back to write your child’s name
Basics of ShoeShoes

Get Your ShoeShoes

Ready to bring ShoeShoes into your home or classroom to help keep dirt and germs out?

Sick of Dirty Shoes in the Classroom? Try ShoeShoes! Reusable, washable fabric shoe covers that trip the germs.

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