Fun and Educational Preschool Workbooks we Love

Our Favorite Preschool Workbooks that are Fun and Educational

Are you looking for preschool workbooks your preschooler will look forward to using? Here are our favorite preschool workbooks that include letters, numbers, colors, tracing, and animals! Our twins love these!!!

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Big Preschool Workbook

This BIG Preschool Workbook indeed is BIG! There are so many different fun activities, tracing, letters, numbers, and more! Each one of my twins has one of these on their desk and they love working on it.

School Zone Big Preschool Workbook: Kids Learning Skills Ages 3 to 5, Handwriting, ABCs, Phonics, Early Math & Numbers, Colors & Shapes, Follow Directions, and More, 320 Pages
School Zone Big Preschool Workbook: Kids Learning Skills Ages 3 to 5, Handwriting, ABCs, Phonics, Early Math & Numbers, Colors & Shapes, Follow Directions, and More, 320 Pages
by School Zone Publishing
  • WORKBOOKS - Writing in workbook pages, as opposed to typing on a computer, can help kids to focus and to learn. Writing by hand fires up specific areas of a child's brain, improving a child's ability to not only remember what he or she learns but to think of new ideas
  • AMAZING - BIG Preschool Workbook is packed with 300+ colorful exercises that make learning fun! These proven activities will help prepare your child for success by teaching colors, shapes, alphabet, basic phonics, numbers, early math and more! 320 pages of learning material!
  • RESULTS - Our learning materials have helped educate three generations of kids, creating lifelong learners, and the legacy continues. Digital content, flash cards, workbooks, readers, toys, and games—all are crafted through a child’s eyes while integrating parent and teacher standards
  • PREPARATION - Let us help you prepare your young child for the next grade level with our workbooks, flash cards, books and a Little Scholar Tablet. Keep kids "classroom ready" with our workbooks, flash cards, tablet, accessories, and more!
  • AWARD WINNING - School Zone content has won The Parents’ Choice Foundation Award, Tillywig Toy Awards, Brainchild Award, Family Choice Award, Mom's Choice Awards Honoring Excellence, Gold Star Toy Scholastic Parent and Child Award and many more
List Price: $ 13.99 You Save: $ 3.01 (-22%)  Price: $ 10.98 Buy now at Amazon

Pre-K Wipe Clean Workbook

The Pre-K Wipe Clean Workbook is a fantastic choice because it allows your child to complete the work over and over again. This workbook covers essential skills such as letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and more.

The wipe-clean feature ensures that your child can practice without worrying about making mistakes. Repetition is key to learning, and this workbook provides the perfect opportunity for your preschooler to reinforce their knowledge.

Pre-K Wipe-Clean Workbook: Scholastic Early Learners (Wipe-Clean)
List Price: $ 9.99 You Save: $ 3.19 (-32%)  Price: $ 6.80 Buy now at Amazon

Dry Erase Markers

If you find that your child needs more dry erase markers than the one that comes with the Pre-K Wipe Clean Workbook, I recommend getting these extra markers. Having additional markers ensures that your child can continue their learning journey uninterrupted. With a variety of colors to choose from, these markers will make the activities even more engaging for your little one.

EXPO Low Odor Dry Erase Markers, Ultra-Fine Tip, Assorted Colors, 8 Count
EXPO Low Odor Dry Erase Markers, Ultra-Fine Tip, Assorted Colors, 8 Count
by Newell Rubbermaid Office
  • Dry erase markers in a range of bold, vibrant colors
  • Ultra-fine tip for precise marking in small spaces
  • Low odor ink, ideal for home, classroom, and office use
  • Erase cleanly and easily with an EXPO eraser
  • Includes 8 Assorted dry erase markers: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Brown, Pink and Purple
List Price: $ 16.77 You Save: $ 9.18 (-55%)  Price: $ 7.59 Buy now at Amazon

Sticker Activity Book

Sticker books can be a bit challenging for some kids as they require fine motor skills. However, this particular sticker book strikes a perfect balance between coloring pages and stickers. It offers a combination of creative expression and skill development. Your child will enjoy coloring the pages and placing stickers in the designated areas. It’s a great way to enhance their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

My First Learn-to-Write Workbook

This workbook is a favorite among my kids due to its variety of activities and pen control exercises. Alongside letters and numbers, it features other fun activities that promote fine motor skills and hand coordination. To make the learning experience even more interactive, my boys and I like to come up with a list of other words that start with the letter they’re currently working on. The cute kitty on the front cover adds an extra touch of appeal.

My First Learn-to-Write Workbook: Practice for Kids with Pen Control, Line Tracing, Letters, and More!
List Price: $ 8.99 You Save: $ 1.81 (-20%)  Price: $ 7.18 Buy now at Amazon

Get Ready for Pre-K Jumbo Workbook

My boys LOVE this one. The kitty on the front definitely helps! This book has a lot of great activities PLUS it comes with stickers!!!

This JUMBO workbook is truly a treasure trove of activities. With 240 pages filled with engaging content, it provides a comprehensive learning experience for preschoolers ages 3-4 years old. From letters and numbers to colors and animals, this workbook covers a wide range of topics. What makes it even more exciting is that it comes with stickers! Your child will have a blast completing the various activities while enjoying the added fun of using stickers.

Get Ready for Pre-K Jumbo Workbook: Scholastic Early Learners (Jumbo Workbook)
List Price: $ 12.99 You Save: $ 2.00 (-15%)  Price: $ 10.99 Buy now at Amazon

These preschool workbooks offer a rich and enjoyable learning experience for your preschooler. With a focus on letters, numbers, colors, tracing, and animals, they provide a solid foundation for early education. Whether you choose the BIG Preschool Workbook, the Pre-K Wipe Clean Workbook, or any of the other recommended options, your child will look forward to using these workbooks and have a great time while learning!

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