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HP Instant Ink Delivery Saves Money and Time Plus You Can Get a Month FREE

Want to never run out of printer ink again?! AND get a FREE MONTH of HP Instant Ink Delivery? Read on to learn more!

When we got an HP printer last year we decided to try out the HP Instant Ink Delivery program and we love it. We never have to worry about running out of printer ink and it’s cheap compared to what we’d spend on cartridges on our own.

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1 Month FREE

First, we got 1 month free, which is what you can get if you sign up through my link, to try it out and see if we liked it. That gave us unlimited printing for the first month so honestly, we did a lot of printing. There were a lot of things that I had wanted to print for a while that I printed, and many I also used my laminator to laminate as well.

After 1 Month Free

After the 1 month FREE trial period ends, if you’d like to continue with HP Instant Ink, you can choose from 5 different plans, depending on your typical usage. The plans range from $0.99 a month to $24.99, for between 15-700 pages a month.

We first went with the “Occasional” plan which is $4.99/mo for 50 pages a month. Seeing as I currently homeschool the children, was working on starting a side-gig at the time, and love to print decorations for the kids’ birthdays and rooms, that quickly was not enough for us. We upgraded to the “Moderate” plan for $6.99/mo wherein we get 100 pages a month. This has worked out much better for us!

If we don’t use all of our pages, which we typically don’t, they roll over to the next month.

The really cool thing is we don’t get charged based on how much INK we used but rather how many PAGES we print. So a black and white one-word page would be counted as a “page” the same as a full-color picture of their favorite Paw Patrol character. It’s awesome!!

Pricing graphic from HP
From HP Instant Ink

HP Printers that Qualify

If you have an HP Printer that you bought relatively recently it likely is able to be part of the Instant Ink program. If you click on this link and enter your email address, you can start setting up an account and see if your printer qualifies. You can also look at the list below of HP Instant Ink-ready printers.

HP Printers eligible for Instant Ink

If you don’t already have an HP Printer, check out this article on the top 10 HP Printers for Instant Ink. The one we have is no longer available but this one looks great!

Why Choose HP Instant Ink?

At first, we were skeptical about HP Instant Ink because it seemed too good to be true. When we got our new HP Printer a while back we figured we’d just keep buying new cartridges when the old ran out but decided to give this program a try since my dad loved it. I’m so glad that we did.

This may sound weird but I feel like I have printing freedom for once in my life. Not that I overprint but I now feel ok about printing a full-color page, if needed, and not worrying about how much a color ink cartridge costs.

As I mentioned before, you aren’t charged by how much ink you use but rather how many pages you print. So full color counts as the same as one black and white word.

HP Instant Ink will send you black and color ink cartridges when you enroll. Then they will keep track of how many pages you print, as well as your ink levels, and send you replacement cartridges well ahead of when you need new ones so you always have them on hand. Then you don’t have to worry about running out of ink mid-project.

You can download the HP Smart app on your smartphone and keep track of your printer’s ink levels and how many pages you’ve printed in the current 30 day period.

Recycling Cartridges

Another benefit of the Instant Ink program is they send you a postage-paid envelope for you to send back your empty ink cartridges. This way they easily can be recycled.

Also, the ink cartridges you get are much bigger than typical ones you’d find at the store so they fit more ink and end up using less plastic overall compared to the amount of smaller ink cartridges that would be needed to equal one of the bigger ones through Instant Ink.

Try HP Instant Ink Delivery for FREE

Here is the link to try HP Instant Ink out for 1 Month for FREE: try.hpinstantink.com/WTpFJ

HP Instant Ink Delivery saves time and money PLUS you can get one month FREE! Text over a colorful background.

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