Fun Halloween at Home Activities for Children

Fun Halloween at Home Activities for Children

Are you looking for some fun Halloween at home activities for children? Halloween doesn’t just have to be one night of trick-or-treating, you can make several days of fun!

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Why Halloween at Home Activities?

Trick or Treating is great but we really like to have a more robust celebration of the holiday since our kids are always so excited about it! We like to make pumpkin based baked goods, do activities with stickers and coloring, read Halloween books, Halloween crafts, and of course Halloween theme food!

Pumpkin Baked Goods

My boys love the taste of pumpkin so today I decided to make a couple pumpkin recipes and they could eat them for lunch. Though they do enjoy helping, it involves step stools and being rather calm/behaved which I knew wouldn’t happen today with all the excitement so I decided to bake on my own, with a bunch of interruptions from them of course but that’s to be expected.

I made these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Donut Holes from the Enjoy Life website. They turned out really well and are allergen friendly!

I had a lot of pumpkin puree left so I decided to make these Pumpkin Spice Muffins as well.

My boys had a very pumpkin lunch and loved it! They don’t normally eat this well, maybe I should find the time to bake more often!

Below is a picture of me with a baked muffin, I honestly wanted to show off my Halloween Dress. Haha! I don’t wear dresses often even though I do love them, but I bought this Halloween dress a while back and love wearing it on Halloween. I also actually have eye make up on and my hair down, all things that don’t happen often!

Of course, while baking, I also had an apron over it. For once I really felt like “Susie Homemaker” ha! Don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll go back to normal.

me in my halloween dress holding a pumpkin muffin
My twins eating their pumpkin themed lunch!

Halloween Sticker Books

We bought some Halloween sticker books a while back that we bring out every year and the kids love to do just a little more.

The stickers on the right are great to be able to decorate your own characters!!

Eyelike Stickers: Halloween
Eyelike Stickers: Halloween
by Workman Publishing Company
List Price: $ 7.95 You Save: $ 1.16 (-15%)  Price: $ 6.79 Buy now at Amazon
25 Pieces Halloween Stickers Kids Make-a-face Decal Halloween Games Stickers Activities Craft Pumpkin Mummy Witch Sticker for Kids Halloween Party Favor (Halloween)
25 Pieces Halloween Stickers Kids Make-a-face Decal Halloween Games Stickers Activities Craft Pumpkin Mummy Witch Sticker for Kids Halloween Party Favor (Halloween)
by Outus
  • Package includes: you can get 25 pieces of Halloween craft stickers in one package, including 8 different Halloween classic cartoon characters, each with 3 pieces, and there is also a guide cover, easily meet Halloween decorations needs
  • Durable material: the Halloween craft stickers are made of PVC, which is durable and can last for a long time, it is water resistant, the color is steady and will not face out easily, kids can DIY their Halloween ideas
  • Halloween design: the Halloween stickers are designed as pumpkin, , vampire, ghost, witch, mummy, and so on, choose different styles and stick them, DIY pumpkin or your other party items, make them be funny
  • Easy to use: the stickers are sticky on the back and easy to be peeled, convenient to use, you can follow the picture shown on the sheet and make the faces or you can create your own design
  • Wide application: the Halloween craft stickers are suitable for decoration at Halloween party, pumpkin themed party, wedding, birthday, school party, and so on, you will love these small funny stickers
 Price: $ 9.99 ($ 0.40 / Count) Buy now at Amazon

Halloween Coloring Books

My boys aren’t all that into coloring for some reason that I’ll never understand because I love coloring. We do have some Halloween coloring books for each of them just in case they change their minds though. One of these days, I’m just going to start coloring them – LOL!

Halloween Scissor & Paste Skills for Kids Ages 3-8, Includes Stickers & Stencils!
Halloween Scissor & Paste Skills for Kids Ages 3-8, Includes Stickers & Stencils!
by Cottage Door Press
  • Help children practice the skill of paper-cutting while keeping them entertained with this scissor book.|More than 30 fun activities and cutting exercises for kids encourage the development of fine motor skills and cognitive skills including stickers and stencils!|Includes a variety of cutting and pasting activities including puzzles building snowmen learning shapes and more.| Easy-to-follow cutting lines keep kids ages 3-8 years old on track with their scissor skills.|A Halloween gift if searching for activity books for toddlers and kids in preschool kindergarten and on through third grade
 Price: $ 6.99 Buy now at Amazon

Halloween Books to Read

Our kids are still young so we don’t read anything spooky. Heck, they think Finding Nemo is scary. All that to say, our selection of Halloween books are quite tame.

We love the ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie’ series and ‘It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!‘ I think was the first one we had! It’s great as a board book and is a fun way to talk about emotions and how our faces look during them as well, without being too boring and in depth.

It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse! (If You Give...)
List Price: $ 9.99 You Save: $ 3.29 (-33%)  Price: $ 6.70 Buy now at Amazon

Llama Llama Trick or Treat is another one we love! We have several Llama Llama books and love the TV show as well!

Llama Llama Trick or Treat
Llama Llama Trick or Treat
by Viking Books for Young Readers
List Price: $ 7.99 You Save: $ 2.05 (-26%)  Price: $ 5.94 Buy now at Amazon

Paw Patrol Pup-Tastic Halloween Lift the Flap book is another one of our favorites for Halloween!

Halloween Crafts

In addition to the sticker books and other Halloween books, there are a lot of great crafts and other activities we love doing each year.

Halloween Stampers

I don’t know what it is but I love stampers and so do my kids. As long as caps are put on tight, they last for years and have endless possibilities! We’ve decorated Halloween cards to give each other and send to family members, as well as making “art” for around the house.

Halloween Stampers Theme Self-Ink Stamps for Kids, Halloween Crafts Party Favors, Assorted, 1.4" Inch Stamp (24-Pack)
Halloween Stampers Theme Self-Ink Stamps for Kids, Halloween Crafts Party Favors, Assorted, 1.4" Inch Stamp (24-Pack)
by The Dreidel Company
  • Halloween Stampers Theme Self-Ink Stamps for Kids, Halloween Crafts Party Favors, Assorted
  • Add Them To Birthday Gift Boxes Or Favor Bags For A Bright And Colorful Way To Spread The Cheerful Event.
  • Three Halloween Stampers 1.4" Inch - Each Fun Halloween Stamp Includes a Pumpkin, Bat, Ghost, Hot-Pink Heart
  • Fun For All Ages!
 Price: $ 7.99 Buy now at Amazon

Halloween Foam Masks

These masks are so fun whether you’re just hanging out at home or they’re part of a bigger costume. We have these and also some animal ones that they love to wear.

These come in a 12 pack with two of each design.

Foam Halloween Masks - 12pk
List Price: $ 7.99 You Save: $ 1.00 (-13%)  Price: $ 6.99 Buy now at Amazon

Strictly Briks Halloween Mix

My husband bought all of us these neat little packs of Strictly Briks that we could make into bats, pumpkins, and ghosts. It was fun to do with the kids and a neat thing that lasts a lot longer than candy!

strictly briks Toy Building Block, Halloween Assorted Bricks, 15 Bat, Ghost and Pumpkin, Trick or Treat Goody Bags, 225 Pieces 100% Compatible with All Major Brands, for Kids Ages 4+
strictly briks Toy Building Block, Halloween Assorted Bricks, 15 Bat, Ghost and Pumpkin, Trick or Treat Goody Bags, 225 Pieces 100% Compatible with All Major Brands, for Kids Ages 4+
by Strictly Briks
  • BOBBING FOR APPLES: Get ready for a spooktacular twist on Halloween treats! Swap out sugary candy for something healthier with 15 individually sealed Halloween assorted brick packs. These Strictly Briks Toy Building Block sets are the perfect alternative, combining fun and nutrition. Kids will love assembling their own Halloween-themed creations while parents can rest easy knowing they're promoting creativity and wholesome play. It's a win-win for everyone this Halloween!
  • KNOCK ON THE DOOR OF CREATIVITY: These incredible toys provide the perfect platform for your little one to explore their creativity, fostering their imaginative thinking and enhancing hand-eye coordination. With an array of versatile pieces, they can construct, build, and create their own unique masterpieces. Witness as their confidence soars while they embark on thrilling adventures and bring their wildest dreams to life. Get ready to see the magic of their imagination take flight.
  • TRICK OR TREATS WELL WITH OTHERS: Strictly Briks offers a versatile range of construction toys that seamlessly integrate with popular brick brands. With compatibility across all major brick systems, their products ensure a perfect fit and endless creative possibilities. Whether you have lego, mega blocks, or other bricks at home, Strictly Briks' innovative designs guarantee a harmonious combination, allowing you to expand your building collection without limits.
  • INCLUDED IN THE BAG: Get ready for a spooktacular celebration with Strictly Briks' Mini Gift Packs! This set includes Halloween assorted packs and 15 goody bags, perfect for Halloween parties. 5 bags of Halloween ghosts with 18 pieces each. 5 bags of Halloween bats with 16 pieces each and 5 bags of Halloween pumpkins with 11 pieces each. Add some creative fun and excitement to your festivities with these versatile and entertaining sets.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Strictly Briks offers a wide range of building sets that promise to keep your imagination running for years to come and you can be sure that your investment will pay off in endless fun. From their classic brick sets to their unique and creative designs, they offer a collection of building sets that are unmatched by any other brand. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they offer a money-back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.
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Oriental Trading for Crafts, Handouts, and Costumes

We love Oriental Trading for crafts throughout the year, including Halloween. They have easy crafts for younger kids and more complicated ones for older kids. They also have games, candy, small trinkets to hand out for Halloween, and costumes. We love how low the prices are and how great their products are. Seriously, if I knew about Oriental Trading when I was a kid I would have tried to buy the whole catalog!

Click the banner below to see all they have to offer!

1985 1409608

Halloween Food

In addition to the baked goods I mentioned above, we also had Little Smokies in the crockpot with optional dipping sauces, gluten free crackers and dairy-free cheese, and we made some gluten free dirt cups for dessert.

For the dirt cups we used gluten free Oreos and mashed them up in the bottom of a small bowl then add the Albanese brand of mini gummi worms (we have food allergies in the family, hence the substitutions).

Trick or Treating at Home

Some years we have trick or treated at home, which is so much more relaxed and fun. It started in 2020 during the beginning of the pandemic and we did again when there was a surge of COVID, RSV, and Influenza all at the same time. It was nice to have an Easter egg hunt type Trick or Treating experience, inside where it’s warm (we live in snowy MN), and during the day instead of trekking out in the cold, darkness, setting off their sleep schedules.

In addition to hiding treats and small toys for them to find, we also hid a treasure box that had some special little stuffed animals they had been wanting. They were so excited!! These boys LOVE any type of scavenger hunts, geocaching, treasure hunts, etc.!

Halloween crafts
Halloween Crafts
Treasure Hunting
Kids Treasure Hunting
Treasure Found
Treasure Found!

Fun Halloween At Home Activities for Children

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