Best Cribs for Twins from Newborns to Preschool Age

Best Cribs for Twins from Newborns to Preschool Age

When looking for the best cribs for twins, there are many factors to consider including how much space you have, cost, and how long they’ll last you. In this post I’ll go over the best cribs for twins in every situation to help parents of twins prepare for their twins’ arrival.

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Best Cribs for Twins: Early Months

For twins in the early months of life, especially if you don’t have much space, separate bassinets are your best option. 

There are many different options including mini cribs and twin bassinets that are connected but we found separate bassinets to be the best option. 

The benefits of separate bassinets for twin babies include:

  • Bedside crib: they typically can be pulled right up to your bedside for you to easily pick them up to nurse or comfort throughout the night.
  • Own Sleeping Space: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all babies, especially twins, have their own sleeping space for safety, especially when it comes to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Babies who sleep in a single sleeping area may accidentally smother each other while sleeping, even if they seem to have enough space. Having babies sleep together isn’t worth the risk.
  • Double Bassinets are neat and seem like a great option but you’ll soon realize that you’ll want the ability to have them in separate rooms once they keep each other up. I found this to be especially true during nap time starting around 6 months old. I was so thankful I could just roll Baby B into the next room so they both could nap peacefully. 
  • Double Cribs: Same with double bassinets, seem great but with them tethered together if one is a better sleeper than the other, they’ll soon find themselves frustrated with their twin who keeps them up, and you’ll be frustrated too!
  • C-Section Recovery: If you’re one of the many twin moms recovering from a c-section delivery, you’ll really appreciate bassinets instead of cribs for easy access to your twin babies. With the bassinets you don’t have to bend over nearly as far as you do with a traditional crib. We had our first child in a crib and our twins in bassinets, both times I unfortunately had to have emergency c-sections and reaching into the separate bassinets was a lot less uncomfortable than all the way down to the crib for the first several months. 

Best Cribs for Twins: Standard-Sized Crib

If you have ample space and need a one-and-done solution, you could go straight for cribs for your twins instead of bassinets. I still recommend bassinets to start off with for the reasons listed above but of course, up to you and your situation. 

No matter how much space you have, a standard-sized crib for each twin is what I recommend once babies outgrow their separate bassinets. 

We loved our first child’s crib so much that when our twins outgrew their separate bassinets we got them separate cribs of the same brand, Delta Children. 

I suggest a standard-sized crib instead of mini cribs with an attached changing table, just because they’ll outgrow it sooner than the standard-sized crib. My oldest didn’t outgrow his standard-sized convertible crib until he was 6 years old when we got all our kids their own twin bed. 

We got all three of our kids, including our twins, standard-sized convertible cribs, which is what I highly recommend to this day. With the convertible cribs we were able to keep them in the same bed as they moved from crib to toddler bed. This helped us not have to spend more on a toddler bed which was a great cost savings. 

Convertible cribs are able to be converted, as the name states, from a single crib to a toddler bed, and if desired, to a full size bed. We just wanted our kids to each have a twin bed so we didn’t opt for the full size option but surely got years of use out of each crib. We didn’t end up purchasing conversion kits for the convertible cribs, instead we purchased an adjustable bed rail for each of the convertible cribs after taking off the crib rail to make it into a toddler bed.

If you want to learn more about our transition from cribs to toddler beds, read this blog post:

transition from crib to bed

Best Cribs for Twins: While Traveling

If you’re traveling at all, even just to see family for the day, you may want to invest in a couple of portable cribs / play yards. We had two of them and used them when we were someplace other than home during nap time and for when we went to a cabin for a few days. These are often called a pack n play or by the brand name Graco pack n play. 

They aren’t recommended for long-term use but are great while traveling because they fold up into a bag for easy transport. They also set up really quickly which is great when you get somewhere and realize it’s past nap time!!

Basic Graco Pack n Play

Graco Pack 'n Play® Portable Playard, Kolb
Graco Pack 'n Play® Portable Playard, Kolb
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Pack n Play with Changing Area

This is great for if you don’t want to change your twins’ diapers on the floor when traveling or don’t have the space to. Honestly, I don’t remember using this feature much for our kids as we tended to just change them on the floor with a changing pad underneath. This is nice to have just in case though.

Like every other crib or sleeping surface, be sure that they have their own pack n play. If you want to save money and still have the changing area, you could get one of the Basic Pack n Plays above and then the second pack n play with the changing area.

Where to Purchase the Best Cribs for Twins

Typically, I am all about utilizing garage sales and Facebook Marketplace for kids’ items but baby cribs and car seats are two things I don’t recommend doing that for. Or at least, in terms of a crib, ensure that the model you are purchasing meets the current safety standards. Drop side cribs were once the norm but we’ve known for years that they are unsafe and do not meet the current safety standards, yet I’m sure you could still get them used some place, though I of course would not recommend that. Buying new cribs are a good idea or at least buying new crib mattresses. You don’t want your twins sleeping on someone else’s remnants of poop, pee, or throw up.

Therefore, I suggest purchasing new cribs and crib mattresses from your local baby store, furniture store, or online through places such as Target or Amazon. Purchasing through Amazon you’ll likely get the cribs for a lower price compared to a baby store or furniture store, though it’s always a good idea to comparison shop. If you choose to buy through Target, keep an eye out for when they have baby sales with great deals on baby supplies such as cribs in terms of a sale or gift card with purchase. This is a huge thing to keep in mind as parents of multiples as you’re going to need a LOT of everything and saving money where ever you can is essential. 

Want More?

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What’s the Best Cribs for Twins if I don’t have much space?

Two separate bassinets are your best option if you don’t have much space. 

What’s the Best Cribs for Twins if I don’t have much money?

Two separate convertible cribs are a popular choice as they are great value as they’ll last for years to come. 

Best cribs for twins from newborns to preschool age

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