Prime day back to school

Great Prime Day Back to School Supplies Deals

Prime Day is a great time to shop for back to school supplies! Here are some of the best Prime Day Back to School Supplies Deals there are!

Felt Tip Pens

Looking to add some color and flair to your notes? These PaperMate Flair felt tip pens will do just that!

Felt Tip Pens

Dual Wireless Bluetooth or USB Mouse

Is it really a mouse anymore when it doesn’t have a tail? Think about that… lol All joking aside, having a great wireless mouse is essential, even if you have a laptop with a mouse built in. I really love using my wireless mouse whenever I can instead of using the trackpad on my laptop.

There are so many options out there and considering how quickly they run through battery, I prefer a wireless mouse that has both USB and Bluetooth ability as well as one that is able to be plugged in and recharged instead of going through a bunch of AA batteries.

Wireless bluetooth mouse

Wireless Rechargeable Keyboard

Not everyone needs a wireless keyboard for a laptop but sometimes it can be really nice. My husband uses one all day at work because he likes the way it types better than the one on his laptop. I’d use one too if I worked at a desk more often and had more space on my desk (darn my Cricut! lol)

It’s nice to have the option at least so I do have one that I use from time to time.

Another cool thing about a wireless keyboard is you can use it with your iPad or iPhone if you’d like as well as with your laptop. This one even has different ‘channels’ so you can easily switch between devices!! (Ok, mine doesn’t have that, now I’m jealous…lol)

I love the low profile design of this because you can easily put it in your backpack and take it on the go if needed.

wireless bluetooth keyboard that is rechargeable as well as has a low profile so can go with you wherever you go!

BIC Brite Liner Pastel Highlighter Set

Even though I’m far past school age, I LOVE school supplies. I wish they would have had these pastel colors as highlighter options when I was a student!!


iPad Case with Keyboard

I had wanted an iPad for several years but it wasn’t until my birthday in 2020 that I put it on my birthday wishlist and my dad surprised me by getting me one!! Woot!! Besides the pencil above, I also quickly accessorized my iPad with this case and keyboard.

I got the rose gold color and absolutely love it but it also comes in a variety of colors including brown, black, and green. The keyboard is detachable and held in place by magnets for a secure surface. It doesn’t come with the iPad pencil as shown in the picture but will fit the one above perfectly!

rose gold iPad case with keyboard showing with iPad inside

Kids Headphones

If your child needs a new pair of headphones, here is a great deal! They come in various colors with different prices.

Kids Headphones

3-Pack of Scissors

This 3 pack of 8″ scissors would be great for the classroom or craft room! (Seriously I need to stop looking at the deals, I keep adding stuff to my cart…)

I wouldn’t suggest these for little kids but for older kids or adults this 3 pack would be great!

3 pack of scissors

36 Pack Highlighters

Want to help the whole class out this year or have a child who loses things a lot? Grab this 36 pack of highlighters that won’t smear ink and come in six different colors!


Lined Sticky Notes

Oohh Lined Sticky Notes are awesome! They are sure to brighten up your notes or text book!

Lined Sticky Notes

Power Strip with 3 USB Ports

Everyone needs a power strip! It’s amazing how quickly you run out of outlets! There are four widely spaced outlets so they won’t crowd each other like on a typical power strip plus 3 USB charging ports which always seem to be needed these days!

This power strip has a long 5-foot cord and you can also upgrade to a 15-foot cord if you need a longer one!

Power Strip

Large Pencil Pouch

Pencil Pouches have come a long way since I was in school! This style has various colors and plenty of room for everything you need!

This pouch comes in various colors.

Large Pencil Pouch

Desk Organizer

Need more room on your desk? This 8 Tier paper organizer will help! You can color code as shown you have whatever you want in it! Great for folders, binders, lose papers, and more! Even better is this has handles for if you need to move it!

Desk Organizer

Craft and Office Organizer

Do you want to become more organized with your craft supplies or office supplies? This is a great little organizer that has three sections that even can come apart when desired! It even has a handle!

Craft and Office Organizer

MathLink Cubes

These MathLink cubes are great for learning how to count, add, subtract and more! We have them and LOVE them!!

Mathlink cubes

BIC Wite-Out Correction Tape

Wite-Out Correct Tape is so great if you like your notes to look nice no matter any mistakes you may make while writing and such. I love these! I used them in college and grad school all the time because I like having my notes look nice without any scribbles. And let’s be honest, when we write fast sometimes we make mistakes (I know I did!)

Correction Tape 10 pack

Bentgo Lunchbox

Do your kids need a new lunchbox? This bento-style box from Bentgo is perfect! It has 5 different compartments, drop-proof and leak-proof, as well as made of BPA-Free material! It also comes in several different colors.

Bentgo Lunchbox

Telling Time Teaching Clock

This clock is excellent for teaching kids how to tell time! It is battery operated and doesn’t click! It’s colorful and has helpful markings on it for kids to learn how to tell time.

Teaching Clock

Star Stickers

Who doesn’t love star stickers?! I know I love them! They are great for encouraging kids and keeping track of goals or habits you are working on creating.


6-Month FREE Prime Student Trial

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Fun Lunchbox Notes and Jokes

This is a creation of mine over in my printables shop and for under $3 you can have these fun and funny lunchbox notes to put in your kids lunchboxes to let you know you’re thinking of them throughout the day.

LunchboxNotes and Jokes

Add some fun to your kid’s lunch box with our lunch box notes and jokes! Our set includes 96 jokes, 8 positive affirmations, and 24 blank notes – perfect for encouraging your child or adding a special touch to their lunch. Choose from black and white or color designs to make your kid’s lunchtime even more exciting!

Includes full color pdf and a black and white pdf if you don’t want to print color ink.

18 Pages Including:
– 8 positive affirmations
– 96 kid friendly jokes
– 24 blank notes where you can write anything you’d like
– 20% off Discount for your next order at my printables store!

* This is a digital download, no physical product will be mailed to you.
* You can print off this pdf as many times as you’d like for personal use. 
* Includes 18 page pdf download in color and 18 page pdf in black and white.

Back to School Deals Prime Day

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