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27 Weeks Pregnant with Twins I’m Already Measuring Full Term!

At 27 weeks pregnant with twins I was already measuring full term! My latest ultrasound of my high risk MoDi Twin pregnancy showed improvement in some areas and concerns in others.

27 Weeks Pregnant with Twins – Development

By 27 weeks pregnant with twins, their brains are growing rapidly and layers of fat are growing underneath their skin. They’re going to be so cute!! They sleep most of the time but can open their eyelids and show off their cute little eyelashes.

They’ve passed the point of viability (24 weeks) which is an awesome milestone to reach. This means that if they were born now, there is a good chance they’d survive. Yay! This is when I finally started to feel more secure that both of my little guys would make it.

Your babies might already turn head down in your uterus to get ready for birth. You’re about to round out the last of your second trimester. You’re doing great, mama! You got this!!

My 27 Week Ultrasound Update

My babies looked great overall on July 12th at their growth ultrasound plus TTTS check. They’re both head down again though a couple weeks ago Baby B had been breech. He tends to switch position a lot which I find surprising since he is the bigger of the two. I’m not surprised to hear he is head down again though, I’ve been feeling an immense amount of pressure on my pelvic bone lately so that explains it. In fact, the other day I was up for 2 hours overnight because I thought I was going into labor due to all of the pressure.

No signs of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) at this point which is good to hear.

Baby A

As of July 12th Baby A is measuring 1 day bigger than his gestational age, weighs approximately 2 lbs. 4 oz., and is at the 55th percentile. His previous kidney issue continues to be resolved which is great news!

Baby B

As of July 12th Baby B is measuring 1 week and 1 day bigger than his gestational age, weighs approximately 2 lbs. 9 oz., and is at the 87th percentile! Oddly though I don’t feel him move around as much as I do Baby A. It’s hard to keep track of where he is though, he tends to move from position to position a lot. 

Baby B’s kidney issue, unilateral urinary tract dilation, is almost resolved. Initially the concerning measurement was at 4.9mm two months ago, then one month ago it was down to 4.4mm, and now it is down to 4mm. Normal values would be under 4mm and the mild concern range is from 4mm-7mm. Now that Baby B is at 4mm he likely will be just fine but we’ll check again at my 30 week appointment when he has his repeat echocardiogram and both boys have a growth ultrasound. At that point, or soon thereafter, the concerning range for the kidney issue will be at 7mm so even if he stays at 4mm he’ll be in the clear. 

We won’t get an update on Baby B’s mild pulmonary valve insufficiency heart condition until August 9th when he has his third echocardiogram in Mlps. However, at the ultrasound on July 12th they found something new about his heart which was further confirmed at my July 17th OB appt when they listened to his heart again. The condition is called premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) which are extra heartbeats that begin in one of the heart’s two lower pumping chambers (ventricles). These extra beats disrupt the regular heart rhythm, sometimes causing one to feel a fluttering or a skipped beat in their chest. Both doctors said some babies and some adults have it and it’s not a cause for concern at this time and isn’t likely related to his other heart issue.

However, at my OB appt my OB was concerned enough to call over to the specialist’s office, after hours, and see if he could learn more about what they had found last week since the ultrasound report had yet to be transferred to him. (This OB rarely shows concern so this was a huge deal.) He was told that at this time either the MFM or OB will need to listen to Baby B’s heart every 1-2 weeks to make sure it doesn’t become tachycardia, which means beat above 160, which would be cause for alarm due to this condition. (Normal for babies this age is 120-150s) We’re obviously quite concerned about Baby B at this point, having two heart issues and all. 

General Updates:

Nausea has returned

Sadly, the nausea I had for the first 16 weeks of pregnancy has returned. I had a short 11 week break before it returned which was nice but now it’s back and I have 10 weeks left. Ick. Last Thursday I felt really sick to my stomach one evening but luckily felt better for a few days but again today I’m feeling horribly nauseous and even afraid to leave and drive to my OB appt later today in fear that I’ll throw up on the drive there. Ugh. Also, nothing like trying to keep up with a very active 2 year old and being nauseous. 

Delivery site change

We’ve decided it would be best for me to deliver at the Mother Baby Center at Abbott Hospital in Minneapolis instead of the smaller local hospital like I did with my oldest 2 years ago. They have a higher level NICU there in case the boys need it and I feel more comfortable delivering there because of that. I told my OB today since he isn’t able to deliver there I’ll need to change OBs. I’ll be sad to leave my OB, he saw me through my first pregnancy and complicated delivery and I was so impressed that I wrote him a 3 page typed thank you afterward. However, I feel it’s the best due to this increasingly more complicated pregnancy. The good news is that I will be able to coordinate my OB and specialist (MFM) appointments once I make the transfer of care appointment in August so that’ll be nice instead of having completely separate appointments on different days and locations like I’ve been doing for the past three months. 

Measuring 12 weeks ahead!

As of my OB appointment on July 17th when I was 27 weeks and 3 days pregnant, I was measuring 39-1/2 weeks pregnant. WOW! No wonder I’m so uncomfortable and have difficulty doing a lot of things. So since I’m measuring 12 weeks ahead and will deliver at 37 weeks at the latest, that means I’ll be measuring at least 49 weeks pregnant by then. OMG. My first pregnancy I had to stop working at 40 weeks because I was so miserable but not like I can quit being a stay-at-home mom! This is just going to get more and more interesting…

Health Partners OB Nurse

I also got hooked up with another resource last week, a nurse that works for our insurance. Apparently, Health Partners has a program that is free of charge where an OB nurse shares resources with me and checks in with me from time to time. I didn’t know about it until they called me a few weeks ago and finally got set up for the initial 45-minute call last Friday. She sent me a lot of great resources I’m working on reading and reassured me that I’m doing a great job so that was nice. Always good to have more resources. 

2nd Glucose Test on Friday

I have my second 3-hour glucose test on Friday. Ick. Not looking forward to it but hopefully it goes well. I really don’t need yet another complication added to this pregnancy. 

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Are you pregnant with twins? I have resources for you!
Are you pregnant with twins? I have resources for you!

27 weeks into my MoDi Twin Pregnancy I'm already measuring full term! picture of me at the beach, don't worry I am fully clothed with my big pregnant belly!

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