20 weeks into my modi twin pregnancy

What Life was Like When I Was 20 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

When I was 20 weeks pregnant with twins I was already measuring 9 weeks ahead. I also found out that I failed the glucose test to check for gestational diabetes, though it might not be my fault.

20 Weeks Pregnant with Twins – Development

By 20 weeks pregnant with twins, they can hear what you say, their eyelashes and eyebrows are formed, and their fingernails are long enough to accidentally scratch themselves (or each other if they share an amniotic sac).

They also have developed vernix all over their bodies to protect them from swimming in amniotic fluid. Their first bowel movement, meconium, is starting to develop within their bodies already, which will come out of them after birth. (It’s a really weird bowel movement)

They’re likely getting rather crowded and you may start to feel them move around soon.

I’m Measuring 9 Weeks Ahead!

My oldest came with me to my appointment today and the doctor listened to his heart with the doppler so he could hear it first before listening to the twins, to include him in the visit. It was pretty cute. My son was a trooper for the most part and made his snack last longer than usual which really helped the situation!

One neat thing I learned today is I’m measuring 28 weeks though I’m only actually 19 weeks + 3 days pregnant. They don’t have a measuring scale for twins so they measure me like they would a singleton. No wonder I’m so uncomfortable already! My doctor said this was a healthy measurement as well as my weight gain seeing as there are two in there. I can’t imagine how much more uncomfortable and big I’m going to get – eesh!

One-Hour Glucose Test Results

For the 1-hour glucose test I needed 129 or below but I got 146. The lab tech said that isn’t incredibly high so I shouldn’t be too worried but I’ll need to come in for the 3 hour test next week. I also found out that even if I do pass the 3 hour test next week, I’ll have to repeat it again when I’m 28 weeks pregnant.

Just because I failed the 1 hour doesn’t mean I have gestational diabetes, though if I fail the 3 hour then it does. Like I said in my previous post, having gestational diabetes is more common in twin pregnancies than singleton pregnancies. I read in a journal article that it’s up to twice as likely!!

Failing 1 Hour Glucose Test is Common with Twins

Anecdotally, I’ve read in a Facebook group I’m part of full of women that are pregnant with MoDi twins like I am, that it’s very common to fail the 1-hour test and pass the 3-hour when pregnant with twins and it’s not necessarily my fault due to diet. I don’t eat as well as I did when I was pregnant with my first child but I don’t eat horribly either so I’d be surprised if it was due to diet.

My 3-hour test will be next Friday, the day after my next ultrasound to check for TTTS. Sadly I couldn’t do both in the same day.

For the 3 hour test, I’ll need to fast for 8 hours before the test and also for the 4 hours during the test. I’ll have to be at the clinic by 7:55 am, will have my blood tested, then will drink an even more potent glucose drink than last time and stay in their office for 4 hours.

They’ll test my blood every hour, three more times, to see how my body is reacting to the glucose. Ick. Luckily my mother-in-law will already be in town due to my ultrasound on Thursday and is able to stay for Friday as well to watch my oldest. Bless her for being so willing to help us all the time!

I’m trying to look at the bright side, though I’m in a clinic for 4 hours getting my finger pricked, and starving for a total of 12 hours, at least I get some downtime. During this time I can read, watch the TV in the waiting room which tends to be on HGTV, which I love, and maybe get something accomplished on the computer.

Coordinating Appointments

Thank goodness I’m not working anymore. I can’t imagine trying to coordinate all of these appointments and working full time. On average I have 2 appointments per week between the chiropractor, OBGYN and MFM/Perinatal Physician where I have my ultrasounds.

No way I could be taking that much time off of work especially with all the meetings I tended to have after work and how long many of the appointments are.

Pregnant with Twins? You’ll want my Twin Pregnancy Journal!

Twin Pregnancy Journal

When I was pregnant with twins I was using a regular pregnancy journal but there was no place to keep track of all the extra appointments, all the measurements, ultrasounds, etc. Years later, I decided to make the twin pregnancy journal I wish I would have had when I was pregnant!!

The twin pregnancy journal has over 100 pages you can use digitally on a tablet or iPad or print it out and put it in a binder to hold even more info. It includes a page for every week, ultrasound pages you can duplicate if you need more, places to keep track of Baby A and Baby B’s measurements, weights, etc. each week, birth plan pages, and even the hospital bag checklist I created from when I had my twins!

Here it is below, click the button or image below to learn more and purchase. It’s much less expensive than the pre-printed ones, that’s for sure! I know you’ve got enough expenses right now, though this took me a lot of time to put together, I’m ultimately here to help.

Twin Pregnancy Journal

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Are you pregnant with twins? I have resources for you!
Are you pregnant with twins? I have resources for you!

20 Weeks into my MoDi Twin Pregnancy

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