Student Planner Printable or Digital Use on your computer, iPad, or phone or print it out.

Student Planner Printable 426 Pages of Planning

Are you looking for a student planner that will help you stay organized all school year and has everything you need? The digital school year planner can be used digitally or printed out and put into a binder. 

Student Planner Printable Details

The Student Planner Printable and Digital Planner is undated so you can use it year after year. It starts in August and goes through July. 

Each month has a blank monthly calendar, a monthly goals planner with three goals and spaces for action steps, and a monthly habit tracker for up to 6 habits! There is a weekly planner for each week and a daily planner for each day. 

The daily planner has 30 minute increments from 7 am to 9:30 pm. There is room to note the date, a top 4 to-do list, a water tracker, mood tracker, space to note people to call or email, several checklist spaces for to-do lists, and a notes section.

429 pages including:

  • August – July Undated Monthly Calendar Pages
  • 364 Daily planner pages
  • Daily planner page includes 30 minute segments throughout the day to plan your whole day out from 7am-9:30pm.
  • Daily planner page also includes notes area, To-Do checklist, today’s top 4 checklist, Water tracker, Mood tracker, and an area to note who to call or email.
  • Monthly Goal Setting Pages
  • Weekly planners
  • Habit Tracker
  • Bucket List Checklist
  • 2 pages of blank checklists
  • 4 different styles of notes pages
Images of pages of the planner showing features of the student planner printable that can be used digitally or printed out
a tablet and a notebook showing features of the student planner printable that can be used digitally or printed out

Who the Student Planner Printable is For

The Student Planner Printable is for any age, especially middle school / junior high school students, high school students, and college students. It’s also great as a teacher planner, a planner for school counselors, school psychologists, principals, and anyone who has a schedule that starts in August and runs with the school year. 

The Student Planner Printable will help you with time management, keep track of different subjects, school work, important information, important dates, and help your overall academic success for the entire year. 

You can use this planner on school days to keep track of assignments, due dates, your class schedule, extracurricular activities, and other important things. 

You can use it on the weekend for extracurricular activities, school projects that you have to do over the weekend (eww but it happens!!), homework, and keeping track of fun activities, dates, girls nights, and more!

This is a great way to start your year off strong and keep going strong all year. 

School Year Planner and Organizer, Student Planner Printable
Weekly view of Student Printable Planner
Monthly Views for the Student Planner Printable
Daily Planner Student Planner Printable

Importance of a Student Planner

I started using a student planner decades ago when I was in elementary school and continued that throughout my junior high school, high school, college, graduate school, and working in a school days. It always helped me stay on track with my goals, complete assignments on time, get to class on time, and complete daily tasks. 

As I left the field of school psychology, I no longer had a need for a daily planner as life was a lot less hectic. However, once I started my blog and printables shop, I realized something was missing, a daily planner. Though I wasn’t a student or working in the schools anymore, it has really helped me get back on track with daily planning, weekly schedules, goal setting, and monthly planning. I love using the Student Planner on my iPad with the Goodnotes app where I can annotate/write, add stickers, add pictures, add and move around pages, and more! 

When I’m not using my digital planner I notice that I feel unorganized and often don’t accomplish my daily goals. Using my planner helps me get back on track and get back to effective time management, goal setting, and accomplishing my goals and I’d love the same for you!

To Print or Not to Print

After you complete your purchase of the Student Planner Printable and download the pdf file you can choose to print the planner, three whole punch it, and put it in a binder. 

If you want to reduce the size of your planner and how many pages you print, you could choose to print 2 pages per sheet, and print on both sides then put it in a binder.

OR you can use it digitally on your iPad or other tablet with an annotating app such as Goodnotes, iBook, Notability, and others. 

My favorite way to use it is to download it to my iPad and use it within the Goodnotes app. I absolutely LOVE Goodnotes. 

​You can easily change the color of your writing utensil, add shapes, add stickers, move pages around, duplicate pages, and so much more. 

You can use the free version for up to 3 notebooks or get the paid version. I have the paid version as I have a LOT of notebooks and have uploaded a lot of different pdf files to it to annotate. 

In the video below I show how to use the planner within Goodnotes including writing, duplicating pages, etc. This is showing the planner that starts with January but it’s the same as the Student Planner, just starts with a different month.

​Have an Awesome School Year

Whether you want to use the Student Planner as a physical product to print or as a digital planner, it will help you stay organized this school year and plan out anything that you need with it’s 429 planning pages! 

Note that this is a digital download, nothing will be shipped to you. You will receive immediate access after your purchase is confirmed you’ll get an email with your pdf file to download to your device. 

You may use it for your own personal use year after year since it’s undated. I suggest downloading it and then making a copy so you have a blank master copy for the next school year. 

Note: If you love the idea of this planner but want it to start in January, I have the same planner but starting with January as the first month here: Undated Planner January to December

Student Planner Printable School Year Planner and Organizer, Undated, use year after year.

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