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Printable ADHD Planner for Students and Adults

Are you looking for a printable ADHD Planner that will help you stay organized? I created this one to help my son with ADHD and I think it’ll help you too! You can use the ADHD planner on your iPad, tablet, or other digital device or print it out.

Why the Printable ADHD Planner

Having a printable ADHD planner gives you the flexibility to add or swap out pages as you see fit. You can also use the ADHD planner on your digital device such as your iPad, tablet, or computer! The Printable ADHD Planner will help you plan out your days, weeks, months, and even your year. It’ll help you not forget the important things you need to remember. 

Printable ADHD Planner with weekly, monthly, daily, and yearly pages!

​Printable ADHD Planner Features

The Printable ADHD Planner has several features, including: 

  • Daily Planner/Daily Schedule Pages
  • Daily Mind Dump Pages
  • Daily Meal Plan and Grocery List
  • Daily Task Lists
  • Daily Reminders
  • Weekly Planner
  • ​Weekly Mind Dump 
  • Weekly Meal Plans and Grocery Lists
  • Weekly Tasks
  • Weekly Reminders
  • Monthly Planner Pages
  • ​Monthly Mind Dump Pages
  • Monthly Task Lists
  • Monthly Reminders Lists
  • Yearly Mind Dump
  • 5 Pages of Mandalas to Color for focus and relaxation
  • Monthly Calendars 
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Made for ADHD Brains

ADHD brains are different than the average brain, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! 

As a former school psychologist, I saw many students who harnessed their ADHD brains to be even more focused and achieve more than their peers, when they were given the right tools. This ADHD planner is one of those great tools that will help get everything down on paper in a way that works best for ADHD brains!

Being diagnosed with ADHD can lead to unique challenges such as making it difficult to stay organized, on-task, complete your to-do list, and reach your daily goals. This ADHD Planner provides a place for daily planning, weekly planning, monthly planning, keeping track of tasks, a great place to check off complete tasks, and can even go everywhere you go because it can be used on your mobile device! Reach your weekly goal, check off those important tasks, and write out detailed plans within your new ADHD planner!

This planner is better than traditional planners because you can use what works for you and delete or not print what doesn’t. You can try out all the different options and see which ones work best for you in your personal life, student life, and professional life! 

With the Printable ADHD Planner you can print duplicates of the pages that work for your daily life and leave the rest. You can also use it digitally and easily duplicate pages on your digital device. 

Daily Planning

The daily mind dump pages are a great place to write EVERYTHING down that you want to get done for that day, whether it makes it onto the daily planner pages or not. This is a place to do as it says, dump everything out of your brain that you need or want to accomplish that day so you have it all written down in one place. 

Once you’re done with that, you can move on to the daily tasks. Split the tasks that are the most important to get done today up into morning, afternoon, and evening tasks on the Daily Tasks page. This will help you plan out your day by time period but not being so rigid as hour by hour. 

Then work on my favorite, the daily planner pages! On the daily planner pages you can jot down your top 3 daily goals, items for your to-do list, things to not forget, the thought of the day, daily affirmations, and there is even open space for notes, doodles, and a checklist!

The daily meal plan is a great place to jot down what you plan on eating for breakfast, as well as groceries you may need. You can do this ahead of time or if you’d rather use it as a food diary to track how you feel after eating certain foods, you can do that too!

​The Daily Reminders pages are great for things you need to be reminded of each day of the week. For example, we need to take out the trash every Wednesday morning so I’d put that in the daily reminders sheet for Wednesday at the top since it’s in the morning. For each daily reminders page, there is ample space for notes and doodles. I don’t know about you, but I tend to listen better and take in more information if my hands are doodling, hence why there are so many spots to doodle throughout!

You don’t have to put weekly tasks on the daily reminders, you can just enter them as you go as well, it’s all up to you. The beauty of it is this is your planner and you can use it the way that suits you best!

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Weekly Planning

The Weekly Mind Dump is is a great place to put all of the things you need to do for the week in one spot. You could do this before or after your daily mind dump pages. It all depends on how your brain likes to categorize things, from big to small or small to big. As you work through this, you can always adjust which pages come first whether you use the planner digitally or print it out. 

The weekly tasks pages is where you can take your weekly mind dump and figure out which ones are the most important and need to be done this week. 

Weekly reminders pages are great for marking down what you  need to remember for the current week so it’s all on one page. There are 10 spots for each day, Monday through Friday. 

The weekly meal plan pages are great for planning out your whole week of meals and groceries! Then you just have to go to the store once (hopefully) and are all set! If you use the ADHD planner digitally, such as with Goodnotes, you can write or type on it on your iPad and then look at it on your phone when you’re out and about and while grocery shopping!

Monthly Planning

The monthly mind dump is a place to write down the things that need to get done each month of the year. There are three pages with four months on each page so they’re together but not too spread out. 

Similar to the daily planning and weekly planning, you can then divide the specific tasks within the monthly mind dump into monthly tasks and monthly reminders. 

From there, put them into the monthly planners to get a well rounded plan for all the months. 

Next comes the monthly calendars where you can date the calendars for the year that you’re planning and write in what you plan on doing or wait until you’ve completed tasks and mark them down once complete. Again, use this in whichever way suits you best!

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Yearly Planning

Once you’re done with the monthly planning, take a look at the yearly mind dump pages where you can write everything that that needs to be done all on one page so you can see it at a glance. If you’re using this planner on a digital device, this would be a great time to zoom in while you’re writing, at least that really helps me. 

Mandala Coloring

As a bonus, I’ve included five different mandala coloring pages that you can color at any time as a relaxation technique or if you’re like me, to keep your hands busy while your mind is thinking or listening. 

With this being a digital download, you can always use the same mandalas over and over if you print multiple copies or make multiple digital copies so you can use different colors to make fun new designs. 

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Get Your Own Planner Today

Are you ready to go from frazzled and distracted to confident and reaching your achievable goals?! Buy the ADHD planner today and get started on your way to harnessing your ADHD superpowers!

ADHD Planner with daily, monthly , weekly, and yearly views; undated, use year after year. 60 pages of planning!

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