Are you Blogging Legally?

Blogging Legally: Legal Policies Required for Your Blog

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When I first started my blog I had no idea that there were legal policies that are required for every website! Blogging legally is important if you don’t want to be sued and lose everything. I’m so glad that I came across Amira, a lawyer who started ASelfGuru, and her amazing Legal Templates that have protected my blog. I literally felt a sigh of relief once I purchased and used the legal templates on my blog.

How to Start Blogging Legally

I was so excited to start my blog once I finally came up with the name for it, I just jumped right in! I started writing but also doing a lot of research regarding blogging and what all goes into it. There was a whole different side of blogging I had never thought about.

The legal side.

Once I discovered that I needed to have three key legal pages on my blog to limit my liability and protect myself from lawsuits, I was a bit panicked as I had no clue how to go about finding these legal pages. Then I came across Amira of ASelfGuru. I read that she became a lawyer to help entrepreneurs succeed and not make legal mistakes that can often be devastating for them and their families. I really appreciate her openness about how one simple slip-up cost her father $90,000 years ago and that is what has driven her to help others.

Many wonderful bloggers I look up to recommend Amira’s legal templates and use them for their own blogs. Once I decided to purchase the templates it was so easy to personalize them for my blog and get them onto my blog, it took me about 30 minutes total. Having these legal pages on my blog makes me feel more protected and able to write what I want to write. These templates saved me a lot of money that I would have had to spend on a lawyer in-person to write up these documents for me, not to mention all the money a lawsuit could cost me!

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is a legal statement informing visitors to your blog how you use and collect their data. This is legally required even if you just collect names and email addresses for your email list.

Anyone who visits your blog has to know how you will be using their data. With a proper Privacy Policy, you can avoid Federal Trade Commission (FTC) audits and fines for not having a Privacy Policy on your blog.


With a Disclaimer on your blog, you can limit the legal liability for what you publish on your blog. This is especially important if you review any services or products, offer any advice, or promote your own products. All of which most blogs do, therefore this is very important to have for your blog.

As you know, I review products, services, and offer advice, so I knew I really needed to be protected here! I also tend to add an additional disclaimer at the top of a blog post if I’m talking about anything medical just to reiterate that I’m not a doctor and do not provide medical advice, I’m just sharing what has, or hasn’t, worked for me.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of a blog is where you outline the rules of your blog including what you will and won’t allow on your site. This is important for any user to see and for you to be able to refer to if there is ever a dispute regarding how you want to run your blog. The Terms and Conditions also protect your intellectual property and define how legal issues relating to your blog will be resolved.

The Terms and Conditions are also where you can outline your returns and refunds policy if you are selling a product. Overall, the Terms and Conditions limit your legal liability for any omissions, errors, or inaccuracies found on your blog as well as avoid lawsuits regarding the above.

How to get these Templates

The Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms and Conditions are all templates that you can purchase through Amira of ASelfGuru. Amira became a lawyer to help entrepreneurs not make legal mistakes that are completely devastating.

She has created many templates and bundles that just take minutes to personalize and put on your own blog.

I started out with just the three templates above, which are considered the bare minimum, and are in the Starter Legal Bundle.

The Starter Legal Bundle is essential for any blogger as it includes the Terms and Conditions Template, Disclaimer Template, and Privacy Policy Template. These templates ensure your blog is legally compliant and protect your blog/business from fines, audits, and lawsuits.

The Starter Legal Bundle also comes with 9 FREE Bonuses including the Earnings Disclaimer, Testimonials and Reviews, GDPR Visitors Rights, Cookie Policy, and more!

Once I had this starter bundle, which honestly just took me about 30 minutes to personalize and upload to my own website, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders and a sigh of relief.

starter legal bundle templates
Image from A Self Guru

Below Amira of ASelfGuru explains each template in more detail and why you need them.

Amira of A Self Guru explaining each Basic Legal Template in Detail

Amira has other Legal Template Bundles that offer even more great templates as you grow your blog into a business including templates for affiliate posts, guest bloggers, freelance contracts, confidentiality agreements, and so many more!! Click below to see all of what Amira has to offer.

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Blogging Legally Legal Policies Required for your Blog

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