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How to Dry Kids Arts and Crafts Projects for Less

Learn the best way to dry kids’ arts and crafts projects with one simple tip. As a twin mom, I understand the joy (and mess!) that comes with having two little artists in the house. In this blog post, I’ll share my personal experiences and advice on how to dry your twins’ masterpieces while keeping them safe from smudges or damage.

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Why to Dry Kids Arts and Crafts Projects

With my former career being mainly in elementary schools, I am very familiar with the huge drying racks for kids’ art projects that every classroom seems to have. They are awesome but super expensive.

Once I had children who made messy art I realized I needed something similar but didn’t want to spend hundreds on a huge contraption that I would only use occasionally. Not to mention needing somewhere to store it.

After racking my brain for something that would work, it hit me! Baking cooling racks! (see what I did there?! ha!) The three-tiered cooling racks I use for baking would be perfect! Not only are they able to fold up individually, I can use just one or up to 3 stacked on top of each other, to dry up to six 8-1/2 x 11 pieces of paper…or rather, art.

Plus, they’re multifunctional since I can use them to dry kids’ artwork AND to cool the muffins, cupcakes, and pancakes I often make for my littles. Of course, I try to remember to wash them in between uses…

As you can see above, it doesn’t have to be just for acrylic, tempura, and water paints, even bingo daubers soak through papers when littles don’t realize they don’t need to push so hard. It’s amazing how much quicker the papers dry when placed on a rack instead of just laying on the countertop.

One of my twins kept pushing down so hard on the bingo dauber today that the ink had formed several puddles on the page. I put it on the drying rack and it was dry and ready to be put in his work binder by the time I was done getting him and his brother down from their highchairs. I actually had put a similarly inked page on the table while getting them down and that one was still quite wet when the one from the rack was dry.

When all their art was dry I just wiped down the racks with soap and water and put them back in the cupboard next to the cutting boards until I need them again, either for drying art or cooling baked goods.

Below is a link to the one that we have and love if you’re looking for a cheap and multifunctional solution. There is also a link for the bingo daubers that we love.

Wilton Perfect Results 3-Tier Cooling Rack, Non-Stick Cookie Cooling Rack, Steel, Black
Wilton Perfect Results 3-Tier Cooling Rack, Non-Stick Cookie Cooling Rack, Steel, Black
by Wilton
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  • Compact Storage Solution: Embrace practicality with the collapsible design of our baking rack, allowing for easy storage when not in use. Save valuable kitchen space without compromising on functionality.
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  • Convenient Maintenance: Dishwasher safe for your convenience, these baking cooling racks offer easy maintenance. For optimal longevity and performance, simply wash in warm, soapy water before and after use.
  • Set includes 3 cooling grids each measuring 15 7/8 by 9 7/8 inches
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stackable for easy set-up
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JoyCat Washable Dot Markers for Kids,8 Colors 2 fl.oz Non Toxic Dot Paint Markers with 10 Coloring Activity Paper & 6 Stencils, Bingo Daubers Markers for Toddler Arts and Crafts Kits Supplies…
JoyCat Washable Dot Markers for Kids,8 Colors 2 fl.oz Non Toxic Dot Paint Markers with 10 Coloring Activity Paper & 6 Stencils, Bingo Daubers Markers for Toddler Arts and Crafts Kits Supplies…
by Guangzhou Shoujia Electronic Technology Co., LTD
  • Unleash Creativity: JoyCat dot markers set includes 8 colors and 6 painting stencils that are perfect for any art supplies for kids, learning & education toys, or party favors. These bingo daubers are designed to help children unleash their creative skills and boost their thinking.
  • Bonus Activity Paper: Our dot paint set comes with 10 color printed activity paper and an extra 123-page PDF activity coloring paper for free download. It can help kids develop skills like hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and memory training, a fun way to express their inner creativity and imagination.
  • Safe & Non-Toxic: Made with non-toxic materials, the bingo daubers markers kit is great for kids ages 3 & up. Each of the markers meets the requirements of ASTM-D4236.
  • Washable Dot Markers : Our washable markers can easily rinse the ink with water, the large and durable sponge tip provides bold and vibrant colors that dry faster, minimizing the you don't need to worry about cleaning!Tip:Not specifically for whiteboard and may leave stain on whiteboard but can be washed using wet wipes.
  • Large Capacity and Best Gift: Each marker has a cap of the same color that ensures a no-leaking feature. The easy-to-grip ink barrel contains a 2 fl.oz ink that is huge for using months after months. It's worth the money and is an excellent gift for kids of all ages, especially preschoolers, elementary school students, and toddlers.
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Now that we’re homeschooling, I’ve been keeping one of these racks out in our classroom for whenever we have kids art that needs to be dried. It works really well to always have it out and I have put it on top of my son’s school iPad so it works as a little shelf where the iPad can be on the bottom and the art on top. Granted, typically when he creates art and it’s still wet, his iPad isn’t below the art.

Kids art is great but where am I supposed to dry it text with images of my kids using Bingo daubers to create works of art.

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