easy ways to tell identical twins apart

Easy Ways to Tell Identical Twins, and Their Toys, Apart

Concerned about being able to tell your identical twins apart? There are several ways that we tell our identical twins apart, and their toys, and that I recommend other twin parents try out.

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Small Distinguishing Features

From birth, be on the lookout for any little thing that will help you tell them apart. For us, we noticed that there was a faint vein on both of their noses near their eyes but one was on the right and one on the left. Too faint for being able to tell easily but when looking back at photos it helps me tell who is who before we started dressing them the way we do.

When one of our twins was just a few weeks old, he developed a mole on his leg. We were able to tell them apart when needed by that mole, and that’s what we use to this day if needed.

Nail Polish on Toes

When our twins were first born and when they finally were home together we painted the big toenail of one twin the color blue so we could keep track of who was who. We did this on the toe so he wouldn’t accidentally suck it off of his finger. We also ensured we used non-toxic fingernail polish called Piggy Paint that is safe for littles.

Lucky for us, one twin ended up with a mole on his leg early on. Once that developed we no longer had to paint a toenail now that there was a clear difference between the two.

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Assign Colors

From early on, we started having one identical twin in reds and oranges and the other in blues and greens. This not only helped in the here and now but also in looking back at pictures. We still do this even now that they’re 3-years-old and it’s to the point that our twin we have in red will ONLY wear all red socks (which are hard to find) and red pants as well as red shirts. Maybe we created a bit of a problem in that case but overall, it really, really helps.

Our twins even want the rest of us to have our own colors so our oldest is green, I am purple, and my husband is orange or yellow, depending on what’s left based on what we are using.

Things to color code:


Try to get toys that are the ‘color’ you picked for your twin if possible. For example, our twins wanted matchbox cars so we got the one twin red cars and the other twin blue cars.

If there isn’t an option for their ‘color’ then have little dot stickers available to put on the toys. I use these and if the toy is too small for a large dot on the bottom of it then I cut the dot in half. It is so simple yet has reduced fights greatly between brothers.

Do be sure that if you are using a sticker that you put it on firmly and that your child is old enough to know not to put the sticker in their mouths should it come off. For my boys, that was about age two or so but yours might be different.

These stickers can also be great for developing their fine motor skills as they get to be about 2 or 3 years old, and with supervision. You can first help them take the sticker off of the sheet and then put it on a piece of paper, then as they progress you can teach them how to do it themselves. Seems simple but my kids love it!

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This has been a HUGE help to us especially looking back at pictures. We generally have one twin in blue and the other in red. This helps us as we look back at pictures, when it comes to visiting people who don’t see them often so they can easily tell them apart, and even just from across the room knowing who is doing what. Our twins are identical but do have subtle differences that are easy to tell when close but when far away it’s a bit harder.

I superly LOVED these sleep and play outfits/pjs when my little guys were babies. Kept them warm, was just one piece so easy for diaper changes, easy to go from play to nap, etc.

easy ways to tell identical twins apart!

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