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Grocery Price Comparison Aldi vs Target to Save You Money

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Are you curious how Aldi and Target prices stack up against each other? I was too so I did a grocery price comparison of many of my weekly items to find out. The results may be surprising.

I’ll update monthly as prices keep fluctuating!

Grocery Price Comparison Shopping

Like many people out there, I like to comparison shop. I’m not cheap, just don’t like to pay more than I have to. In the days of COVID we stay home and have our groceries delivered via Shipt through Target or go pick them up using Drive Up services at Aldi or Target. I used to just go through Target until I realized I wanted more fresh foods that Target doesn’t always have or that Aldi tends to have cheaper prices on.

Our local Target is a normal Target so it has some groceries but quite lacking at times. For example, strawberries are often not available at our local Target for delivery or pick up but they’re generally at Aldi, and usually cheaper as well. I’ve found that with a lot of produce especially.

Target Drive Up or Pick Up services are free of charge through most supermarkets, such as Aldi, do charge for these services. In my area, it costs $1.99 to have someone pick your order for you at Aldi and bring it out to your car. However, I live in a suburb about 30 miles from downtown, so the pickup rates are lower here. Closer to downtown I’ve seen picking up orders at Aldi is $6.99 per order.

I highly suggest that if you plan on going to Aldi that you should go there first and then go to a supermarket for what you couldn’t find at Aldi. Seems like a hassle but their prices are often worth it. I tend to save $2 on a pound of strawberries if I buy them at Aldi instead of Target, and that $2 covers the fee to have the order picked for me and brought to my car. Of course, my savings are always more than the $2 so a win/win.

Target Delivery via Shipt

If you’d like to have your groceries and other essentials delivered from Target, I highly suggest singing up for a Shipt Membership. The membership is $99 a year for unlimited deliveries on orders of $35 or more.

We have a Shipt Membership and use it almost every week, at least once a week which equates to less than a $2 per delivery. You can’t even get a pizza delivered for that! If you want to have items delivered just once in a while it’d be about $10 a week so even if you think you’d use it once in a while it’s worth signing up for.

You can also tip your driver through Shipt but it’s not required. We do tip since we use the service so heavily and really, really appreciate the convenience.

Worried about food quality? We order a lot of produce, meat, and specialty foods that are gluten free, dairy free, and soy free and have found the quality to be great! The Shipt shoppers do a great job at picking great produce, meat, and helping find alternatives when what we have on our order isn’t available.


Aldi has partnered with Instacart so you can get your groceries curbside or delivered! Instacart also works with Target, Costco, Walgreens, and many other stores. You don’t have to have an Instacart membership, you can just use it for pick up and not pay anything beyond the store’s pick up fee, if they have one. There is Instacart Pro that you can be a member of that has a fee if you’d like delivery but not required for pick up.

If you sign up and order through the button below you will get $20 off your first order!

Target vs. Aldi Prices

If prices differ by more than $0.10 I will put a star next to them so it’s easy to see.

Prices are taken from the Target and Aldi websites. Prices may vary from in-store and from region to region.

Off Brand Almond Milk – 64oz$2.59*$2.99
Off Brand Yogurt – 6oz$0.79$0.65*
Off Brand Yogurt – 32oz$3.69*$3.15*
Muffins – 4 pack$4.99$4.25*
Off Brand Lunchmeat – 9oz$3.99$3.75*
Ground Beef – 93%$6.99$5.69*
Multicolored Peppers – 3pk$2.99$2.99
Off Brand Peanut Butter – 16oz$1.99$2.05 (18oz)
Strawberries – 1lb$3.69$3.25*
Off Brand Hamburger Buns – 8 count$1.49$1.45
Off Brand Vanilla Wafers$2.89$2.75*
Off Brand Diced Tomatoes – 14.5oz$0.99$0.99
Hawaiian Sweet Rolls – 12ct$4.99$1.99*
Fuji Apples – 3lb bag$4.49$3.29*
Unsweetened Applesauce Cups – 6ct$2.29*$2.45
Family Pack of Chicken$2.79/lb$2.29/lb*
Wheat Bread$1.39$1.39
Gluten Free Bread$6.99 (18oz)*$7.15 (20oz)
Cheese Slices (count)$2.29 (12ct)$2.09 (11ct)*
1 Gallon of 2% Milk$2.69*$3.09
Frozen Mixed Veggies (12oz)$0.99$1.05
Cheese Cubes$2.59$2.35*
Bagels$2.29 (5ct)$2.15 (6ct)*
Shredded Cheese (16oz)$4.19$4.09*
Baby Carrots (16oz)$1.39$1.35
Bag of Frozen Chicken Breasts$8.49 (40oz)*$9.35 (48oz)
Almonds – Lightly Roasted$6.89 (11oz)$6.39 (16oz)*
Raisins – 20oz$4.49*$4.69
Dried Cranberries$1.99 (5oz)*$2.15 (6oz)
All items in table are generic, unless Target didn’t have a generic option.

And the Winner Is…

Aldi is cheaper overall than Target when it comes to the groceries above.

Months ago Target and Aldi used to be neck in neck in terms of prices but lately the difference is quite staggering with Aldi being significantly cheaper. Another bonus of Aldi is they tend to have more fresh produce and organic produce options than Target.

As of February 2024, Aldi continues to be several dollars cheaper than Target but not a huge difference overall. Aldi may be even less expensive in-store than online.

As of January 2024, Aldi continues to be cheaper by Aldi by more than last month since Aldi’s prices rose somewhat but Target stayed the same.

As of December 2023, Aldi continues to be cheaper than Target, currently by $5. Only 5 items changed price at Target and the overall price of the cart is just 40 cents cheaper than last month. At Aldi, 9 items changed price, most of which increased but overall still cheaper than Target. I’m noticing that egg prices are going up.

As of November 2023, Aldi is about $9 less expensive than Target overall for the groceries above. In-person prices may be even lower at Aldi due to Instacart fees for online orders.

As of October 2023 Aldi is about $8 cheaper than Target overall for the groceries listed. In-person prices may be even lower at Aldi due to Instacart fees for online orders.

As of September 2023, there is a $10 difference between Target and Aldi, with Aldi being the cheaper of the two overall on the items above.

As of August 2023 there are 17 items that are $0.10+ less expensive at Aldi than Target, some of which are a dollar or more different! There were several price changes at both stores this month.

As of July 2023 there were only 2 changes in Target prices and 6 for Aldi. Five items were cheaper at Target and 16 are cheaper at Aldi, by $0.10 or more.

As of June 2023, there are 4 items cheaper at Target and a whopping 17 items are $0.10+ less expensive at Aldi!! Target only had 3 items change between May and June whereas Aldi had 14 items with a price change, most of which were a decrease in price.

As of May 2023, 13 items are $0.10+ less expensive at Aldi than Target. It appears that over the months prices are starting to stabilize overall, and Aldi still is the cheapest overall.

Target is our go-to for everything but Aldi is great for groceries in terms of price and availability, especially if we’re looking for fresh produce (which we should be more often!!)

Super Target has a lot more groceries, especially fresh produce, but we don’t have one in town so don’t get there often. Super Target also has significantly more specialty diet-related items such as gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and egg free items, for those of us in the house who have sensitivities to foods. A previous post of mine details where I buy allergen-friendly foods, with Target being one of my main places to shop.

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