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Convenient At-Home Food Sensitivity Testing for Kids and Adults

Food allergy and sensitivity testing is important when it comes to overall health for kids and adults. It’s amazing how much a food allergy or food sensitivity can wreak havoc on one’s body without even fully realizing it. Luckily, there are convenient at-home food sensitivity and food allergy tests you can order online.

We’ve used them and go into more detail below.

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The Need for Food Sensitivity Testing

We had our oldest tested for food allergies and sensitivities when he was 20 months old through a pediatrician.

Years after his first food sensitivity test and eliminating foods, our son was still having GI issues so we decided to test again using a test we could do at home, YorkTest. It was so quick and easy to do, and we were surprised by the results.

With YorkTest we were able to order the Junior Sensitivity Test for our son and complete the testing at home! We just needed to prick his finger, which took quite a bit of convincing, but once it was all done he admitted it didn’t hurt for long.

We mailed the sample in and he felt pretty special walking it to the mailbox with me and putting the little flag up.

Results: Quick and Easy to Understand

Within a week of sending in the sample I was emailed the results.

The results surprised us, turns out he’s highly reactive to peanuts, cashews, and soybean. Now we’ve removed those things from his diet and are hoping that really helps him.

Here is an example of what results look like. They’re very easy to understand and on the back there is an explanation of what the results mean and what to do.

We also found some foods that he’s borderline sensitive to that we’ll eliminate if the original round of eliminations don’t work. It was great to be able to do all of this without a doctor, especially since the appointment plus testing would have cost more than the testing alone.

You may notice that the things his previous testing showed he was sensitive to that he no longer eats seem to have no reactivity. This doesn’t mean that he can eat them, it’s just that since he hasn’t eaten them for so long that the blood test is inaccurate for those foods. If we wanted to see if they were still an issue we could have him eat the foods for a few weeks and retest but honestly, we don’t want to mess with anything further at this time.

Food sensitivity results

Food Sensitivity and Allergy Testing Options

YorkTest has a variety of sensitivity and allergy test options available.

They have the Junior food sensitivity test my son took, the premium food sensitivity test for adults, a food allergy test for adults, and more!

All tests are HSA and FSA accepted, you get an expert analysis from their accredited laboratory, and get a results guidebook with a food and drink journal as well as easy to understand color coded results.

Junior Food Sensitivity Test

The Junior Food Sensitivity Test analyzes reactions to over 100 foods for ages 2-17.

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junior food sensitivity test for ages 2-17

Premium Food Sensitivity Test

At-home food sensitivity tests measures reactivity to 200 foods and drinks. Also available for a couple.

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Food Sensitivity Test

Food Allergy Test

The Food Allergy test tests your IgE antibody reactivity for 23 common foods and 18 environmental allergens. For people 18+

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Food Allergy Test

Couples Food Sensitivity Test

The Couples Food Sensitivity Test is great for couples to discover together the sensitivities they have. (This could also be two friends, you don’t have to be a romantic couple!)

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Couples Food Sensitivity Test

Parent and Child Food Sensitivity Test

If you and your child are wondering if you have food sensitivities, this is a great opportunity to find out together and save some money by purchasing together.

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Food Sensitivity Junior and Adult Tests

Food Sensitivity and Food Allergy Tests

If you’d like to check for food sensitivities and allergies, you can bundle both kits and save.

This combo of tests are for adults 18+.

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Food Sensitivity and Allergies Test

Convenient At Home Food Sensitivity Testing for kids and adults our personal experience

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