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How to Find Mom Friends Like You

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Are you like me and struggle to find mom friends? Being a mom can be really lonely, especially a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) but I’ve found a few ways to make friends I’d like to share with you.

Places to find Mom Friends

Early on as a stay-at-home mom I felt so isolated. I had worked the first year of my oldest child’s life so didn’t feel the need for mom friends at the time but once I was staying home I felt so lonely and isolated.


I tried the local MOMS Club where I lived but it was really inactive. They had a Facebook group and some planned playdates but only one family would show up, at most. It wasn’t quite what I was looking for. (Later, when we moved I found a more active MOMS Club that was awesome, which I’ll go into later).

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)

I ended up enrolling us in ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) through our local school district and was lucky enough to meet some great moms and teachers there. We had playdates outside of class and also had a group text that was quite active. It was really great for the several months we all were active within it.

Sadly, my little guy and I didn’t do ECFE the next year due to me having twins that Sept., my best friend from that group moved away, I had newborn twins that kept me busy & overwhelmed, and the group fizzled. Then we moved away, though just 20 minutes away, apparently we got kicked off the group text. This was insulting and a disappointment but I moved on…

MOMS Club Revisited

We moved when our oldest was almost 3 and our twins were almost 6 months old. Within months I found the local MOMS Club and went to my first event with them which happened to be a moms-only event which was great! I got to meet so many moms at once and get to know them. Turns out a few of them lived just down the street from me and have boys that are my oldest’s age! I was so excited!

Since my twins were so little and still had morning and afternoon naps, I found it hard to actually make it to the playdates often, but we did once in a while. I’m so glad that we did as we met some wonderful moms and kids.

Of course, once the twins dropped their morning nap and we could start going to playdates, COVID-19 hit within a month and shut everything down. We made it to 1 playdate before that happened. Such a bummer!! Within a year or so the local MOMS Club completely shut down. Understandable but a huge bummer. Though we aren’t part of the organization anymore, we still have a great group of moms in a Facebook group and the connections I made with moms in the neighborhood that I’m so grateful for!

If I weren’t so introverted, and so worried with COVID still circulating 2 years later, we’d actually go hang out with the other moms and kids, but for now we’re not so much. Hopefully this summer though, we ALL need some socialization.

Peanut App

The last way that I’ve made some mom friends is through the FREE Peanut App. It’s like a dating app for moms who want to make mom friends. Everyone has a profile where they talk about themselves and their kids, can have pictures, indicate their interests, etc.

You can swipe up which is called waving at a mom you want to connect with. If while they’re looking through possible connections, if they wave back at you then you two can message each other! It’s pretty neat to be able to connect with other moms so easily.

You can also be part of multiple groups where you can ask questions, answer questions to help out other moms, and make some great connections.

Over the years that I’ve been on the Peanut App I’ve chatted with several moms and have even met a few in person.


Below I’ve included screenshots of my profile so you can get a sense of what the app is like. Within a profile most women include their name, how old their kids are, where they live, whether they work outside the home or not, if they’re married or not, etc. It’s pretty neat to know all of that up front before even chatting! There is also a place to talk about yourself, beliefs, and so on, whatever you want others to know.

There is also a section to show what you’re in the Peanut app for, I’ve listed just for fun, support, to ask questions, and meet other women. There are many different options to choose from. Below that section you can see a picture of my little guys. There is an area to indicate some of your interests, answer random questions, what your friends would say about you, your hometown, languages you speak, etc. You can enter in as much or as little information as you’d like.

Groups & Live Pods

Here is what the Groups section looks like within the app. You can join as many different groups as you’d like and you’ll have a section like this where it shows your feed which includes posts from your groups and other groups. You can also see what is trending, what’s new, and other groups you can join.

You can search for groups and join them with just a click!

You can also easily post to a group by clicking on the “Post” button and then you can choose which group to post to as well as which topics to tag your post as.

There are also Live Pods that you can join and do voice chat with other women in real time! I haven’t joined on one yet but seems pretty neat.

Peanut Group Feed

Join Peanut Now


Overall, I’d suggest starting with the Peanut App, then branching out to your local MOMS Club, and ECFE if your child is young enough. If your child is older and in school, there may be groups you can join of other school-aged parents in your community. Have fun making some mom friends!!

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