Improve Diaper Changes

1 Simple Tip to Significantly Improve Twin Diaper Changes

Are you sick of messy diaper changes? Here is a simple tip that will save you so much laundry, messes, and frustration!

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Using Large Underpads

The tip is to use a cut-up an extra-large protective underpad under baby when you’re changing them. This way, if their blowout leaks onto anything it’ll be the disposable pad and not the diaper changing pad cover. This is particularly helpful overnight when the baby leaks through his diaper and you really don’t want to be running yet another load of laundry.

This is also helpful for on the go as you can easily take several of these pads with you to use as needed.

I realize this seems a bit wasteful but I didn’t change the pads every time, only if they became soiled. Not long ago, I had 3 kids in diapers and had a bin of cut-up absorbable pads under each of their changing tables. If I realized it was going to be particularly messy, I’d quickly put one under them. During the newborn stage, I would have one under them at all times as blowouts happened often.


After purchasing the underpads, take one out and cut it into fourths so you have 4 same-sized pads, following the directions below. This will be almost as big as the changing table so should provide sufficient cover. If you’re unsure of the size you could always stop here, try them out, and then cut more later when you’re sure this size works for you. It’s worked for all 3 of my boys but everyone is different.

Just a heads up, this will produce some “dust” in a sense from the cutting so you may want to vacuum once your done. Or just do it on the carpet and you’ll barely notice (wink, wink) because you obviously don’t need more to vacuum right now.

Below I will lay out the steps to cut your own pads. Once you’re comfortable with the size, sit on the floor with the underpads and scissors. Make sure you don’t do this around baby as scissors can be dangerous.

Step 1 is showing the whole extra-large closed protective pad, step 2 is showing it unfolded twice, step 3 shows cutting the pad in half.
step 4 is unfolded fully after cutting in half, step 5 is cut in half again to make 4 relatively equal pads
step 6 is folding the cut pads in half once they're ready to be stored and step 7 is showing that from 1 pad you can cut 4 small pads that will fit the changing table.

I suggest cutting up the whole package of pads into fourths and put them in a bin, similar to this. That way you have them readily available as needed. We kept a bin by each changing table and one in the living room where we spent most of our time and changed diapers often.

step 8 shows that after folding the cut pads in half to place them in a fabric bin  and step 9 shows another view of the fabric bin full of the pads for diaper changes

This whole package ends up making 200 pads for just $18, which comes to about $0.09 a pad. Again, I tend to use them more than once as long as they haven’t been soiled.

If you’re not the DIYer

If you don’t want to deal with cutting up the large underpads and the resulting small amount of “dust” that results from it, you can purchase pads that are smaller and specifically for changing diapers.

Just like anything convenient, they will cost more than buying the large pads and doing it yourself but to each their own. 🙂 At the time of writing this the 25 pack is $0.40 per pad and the 100 pack is $0.22 per pad, so much cheaper to go the DIY route though these are convenient if you’d rather purchase.

Diaper Changing Hack to save you from an icky mess!!

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