Black Friday Deals on Electronics

Electrifying Black Friday Deals on Electronics

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Black Friday is KNOWN for having some, dare I say, electrifying deals on electronics! Black Friday Deals on Electronics is something I remember from my early days of Black Friday shopping and continues to the present!

Samsung Soundbar

If you’re looking for a better sound out of your TV and an overall enhanced viewing experience? This Samsung Soundbar is just what you need and right now it’s at a HUGE discount!

Logitech Keyboards, Mice, Headsets, Webcams, and more

Need a new keyboard, mouse, headset, webcam, or other computer accessories? Or have a loved one who does? Logitech is a reliable brand and would be great for anyone needing an upgrade from their current equipment!

Google Pixel Devices

Google Pixel Devices have all sorts of special offers right now! From earbuds to watches to phones and more, check it out!

Echo Show Devices

Echo Show devices are at a huge discount. They are great for keeping track of things at home while you’re away, making video calls to loved ones, and organizing your life!

We have the Echo Show 15 on our dining room wall and it’s pretty awesome. We honestly don’t use it to it’s full extent but it’s great even just for basic things like taking down a note, adding things to the grocery list, watching a video from YouTube, listening to Amazon Music, and more! Oh! My kids’ favorite thing to do is to see pictures on it from when they were babies. We have our phones hooked up to Amazon Prime Photos so all of our treasured photos are able to be seen on the Echo Show so we can just say ‘Alexa, show pictures from _____’ and then we get to see those pictures! It’s pretty slick.

Echo Show 15 | Full HD 15.6" smart display with Alexa and Fire TV built in | Remote included
List Price: $ 279.99 You Save: $ 75.00 (-27%)  Price: $ 204.99 Buy now at Amazon

Ring Cameras

Especially these days, having some sort of security system with cameras is a necessity. Ring is a great company to work with and they have really expanded their offerings as of late.

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus with motion-activated 1080p HD video, Black (2021 release)
List Price: $ 199.99 You Save: $ 60.00 (-30%)  Price: $ 139.99 Buy now at Amazon

Logitech G Gaming Deals

Are you a gamer or have one on your Christmas list? There are some great deals on Logitech Gaming gear.

Samsung Galaxy Tabs

Samsung Galaxy tablets are significantly less expensive than iPads and many people prefer them. Right now the tablets and protective covers are at a huge discount!

Bose Home Audio Products

Looking to up your home entertainment game with some amazing sound? You’re in luck, Bose has some amazing deals on some of their best speakers, TV soundbars, and bass module!

Bose Smart Soundbar 600, Black Bundle with Wireless Surround Speakers (Pair), Bass Module 500
List Price: $ 1,397.00 You Save: $ 250.00 (-18%)  Price: $ 1,147.00 Buy now at Amazon

Computer Monitors

If you’d like another monitor to help run your business or small business I highly recommend it. I have two large monitors hooked up to my laptop and I LOVE it!

There are so many great monitors from Dell, Samsung, and Sceptre on sale right now for Black Friday!

JBL Flip 5 Portable Speakers

Are you wanting to take some great sound on the go whether it’s to a park, a bike ride, a walk, or just around the house? These speakers pack a great sound and are portable for all your listening needs! You could play music, podcasts, and even audiobooks!

Skullcandy Earbuds and Headphones

If you or someone you’re shopping for needs new earbuds or headphones, check these out. There are many different types and colors of earbuds and headphones on sale right now!

Laptops on Sale!!

Do you need a new laptop or know someone who does?! This is a great sale on laptops from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and more!

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